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Monday, April 24 2023

         The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. 

                                           Psalm 23:1

     I lovingly embrace you and faithfully carry you close to My heart. What difference does it really make? All the difference in the world!  When you follow Me as your Shepherd, l take good care of you.

     Hungry? I alone can satisfy your heart’s deepest hunger. Like a sheep after a satisfying meal, you lie down in a green meadow to take a nap—content.


     Falling apart under stress? Take My hand—I will lead you by peaceful streams where you will not be frightened and you can enjoy My poise.


     Tottering? Look to Me and find strength for life’s challenges—soar higher than mediocrity, run faster than temptation, and walk farther than lethargy.  Find renewed energy in the pleasure of My company.

     Yearning to be holy? My paths are right and honorable—walk on them and grow in My likeness.

     Troubled at the thought of dying? Do not fear—I am with you. I will protect and comfort you as you cross the dark valley to the city of light.

     Encircled by foes? Take a seat at My table—enjoy a meal with Me.

     Hurting? Divine hospitality cures your headache and heartache.

     Unhappy? Look around—then look up and thank Me for the overflowing blessings in your life. I do not just hang one star in the sky—I spangle your nights with countless awesome constellations. I do not plant only a single         flower for your viewing enjoyment—I arrange whole fields. I do more than toss an occasional blessing—blessings cascade from My heart to yours day after day.

     Feeling unloved in an uncaring world? Nestle near My heart, and My goodness and unfailing love will warm yours. It can be a cold, cruel world—as I learned firsthand when I visited your tilted planet—but I am the heartwarming God.


     Longing for permanence? Heaven on earth will bring you an unchanging address. Better than hope-so, maybe-so, guess-so talk—know-so confidence faces forever with unflinching faith in your Shepherd. I am your Center of Gravity—everything you need in time and in eternity. Follow Me—I will get you home.


(c)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond                       Day 200, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Monday, April 17 2023


Were not our hearts greatly moved and burning within us  while He was talking with us on the road
as He opened and explained to us the sense of the Scriptures?

Saddened by emptiness?

     Obey Me, and I will make Myself real to you.

     Trade a long face for a smile—be a good advertisement for the gospel.

     I am your Source of Music—sing out for the entire world to hear.

Entombed by loneliness?

     You are never alone—I walk alongside you on every road you travel.

     When perplexing cares crowd your heart, I console and cheer you.

     I am your Greatest Friend—you have not lost Me, so dance for joy.

Afraid of death?

     Hear My reassuring voice and overcome Satan-coaxed anxiety.

     Death Valley terror disappears as you realize shadows mean Light.

     I am your Life—I will defeat all enemies, so count on ultimate victory.

Losing hope?

     Open the eyes of your heart and envision My promised bright future.

     Wait patiently for My new world to materialize—be brave-hearted.

     I am your Center of Gravity—hide in Me and unflinchingly trust.

Perplexed by despair?

     Guilt, death, hopelessness, angst, and gloom burden your heart.

     Grace, vitality, hope, faith, mercy, and freedom bless your heart.

     I am your Redeemer—hang on for dear life—all is well.

Walk life’s road with Me—and I will change dejection to delight,

     skepticism to optimism, despair to hope, restlessness to tranquility,   

     depression to ecstasy, self-pity to praise, and doubt to worship.

     I am your God—rest assured.


(c)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond                            Day 319, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, April 11 2023


                                                   Peace be with you.

                                                            John 20:19


I give you poise in earth’s scary situations.

     There is no need to be intimidated by people—they are all mortals. 

     Do not tremble before human beings—fear Me and nothing else.

     I am your omnipotent Helper, so do not let fear get the best of you. 

          There is no need to lock doors—I am your omnipotent Protector.

     I whispered stars into existence—I know their names and yours too.   

          I direct intergalactic traffic patterns—I orchestrate details of life. 

     I will never leave you—My Presence is your failsafe security system. 

          Every heartbeat, step, and season of your life—I am with you.

     I give you tough shoes for hard roads—I am your equilibrium equation. 

          I will always love you—My care is your unflinching courage. 

     Rely on the Almighty to see you through trouble—find true serenity.

I give you pardon in your guilty struggles.

     Religious ceremonies are futile—My blood is your way to forgiveness.

          My grace is your only hope of removing guilt’s oppressive burden. 

     Self-talk does not ease doubt—My Spirit is your assurance of heaven. 

          When I make Myself at home in your heart, you can rest easy. 

     Let Me calm your heart—experience the tranquility of inner-stances. 

I give you My promise all will be well in your uncertain tomorrows.

     I walk ahead of you into the future—

          I live in the eternal now—I am who I have been and who I will be.

     Call Me Rabboni—your very own Teacher—follow Me into tomorrow. 

          My heart is your unassailable fortress, a home where you can rest.

     Heaven on earth is not too good to be true; nor is it too good to last.

          After smoke clears in the battle of good and evil, you’ll enjoy victory. 

          A new earth will replace an evil world—I guarantee it.  

     Trust My Word—know supernatural composure facing eternity.  

     Keep faith in your Invisible Means of Support—be an eternal optimist.

          You cannot know how faith in an unseen One brings ecstasy,

               but do not let your lack of understanding stifle your enthusiasm.

          My close friendship is your joy too wonderful for words. 

     There is no need to go around wringing your hands—

          take My wounded hand; you can trust Me. 

     Focus on Me and I will bless you with peace nothing can disturb. 

          My supernatural gift is your peace of mind.



© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                               Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, April 03 2023


                Christ must reign until he humbles all his enemies beneath his feet.
                              The last enemy to be destroyed is death.
     We thank God, who gives us victory over sin and death through Jesus Christ our Lord!
                               1 Corinthians 15:25,26,57 ESV


Christ’s  resurrection  means  victory  over  the  dark  side.

     Alpha had the first word—Let there be light—and chaos gave way to calm.

     Omega will have the last word—grace— and fear will give way to rejoicing.

     World events may seem to indicate the devil is winning, but the war’s not over. 

        Though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the Ruler yet.

         This is your Father’s world, The battle is not done.

          Jesus who died shall be satisfied, and earth and heaven be one. (Maltbie Babcock)

     The Accuser will be pulverized under the feet of the conquering King.

     Addiction to Satan’s ways can be broken when you let the Son liberate you. 

     Do not wander dark alleys—let the Holy King guide you by radiant light. 

     There is Light beyond the shadows—and it will ultimately cancel the night.

     Celebrate Christ’s reign of righteousness by walking as a child of the Light.

Christ’s  resurrection  means  victory  over  death.
     Now your body humiliates you—someday you will have a body like Christ’s.

     Your earthly body is mortal—your heavenly body will be immortal.

     The ferocious enemy of death cannot come between us—we are inseparable. 

     Do not let death terrorize you—the Eternal King has removed its sting. 

     There is Life beyond the grave—and it will ultimately eradicate death.                       

     Celebrate Christ’s reign of life by enjoying the pleasure of His company.

Christ’s  resurrection  means  victory  over  despair.

     The cosmos may seem cruel, arbitrary and deceptive—but heaven has a plan. 

     Life may feel like a transition between two oblivions—but I have a purpose. 

     The future may sometimes look dark, but it is just as bright as My promises. 

     Listen carefully to My future melody and you can triumph over hopelessness.

     Live with unwavering faith in Me and you can learn to sing and dance for joy. 

     Do not let worry get the best of you—leave tomorrow to the King of glory.    

     There is Love beyond the physical—and it will ultimately abolish despair.

     Celebrate Christ’s reign of hope by marching to Zion, not trudging to oblivion.

Gentle Whispers from Eternity                        © by Johnny R. Almond             


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