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Monday, November 30 2020


                    I will praise the LORD as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God all my life long.
                                                                 PSALM 146:2 NRSV

My music is your happiness.
     I am your Song when you are down and out—
          inner-stances of joy transcending sad circumstances.
     Dance heaven’s jig of joy; do not drag in earth’s mournful dirge.
     Always be joyful.
     I elevate your attitude—sing alleluia!

My might is your hope.
     I am your Strength when you do not feel like going on—
          Creator teaching you capability to persevere through severity.
     Feel like giving up? See Jesus hanging on the cross, and get back to work.
     Keep on praying.
I energize your actions—live alleluia!

My mercy is your help.
     I am your Solution when you are puzzled by the next step—
          Shepherd transforming your concern into peaceful contentment.
     Whatever happens, maintain a grateful heart.
     I encourage you by My answer—pray alleluia!

My Messiahship is your heaven.
     I am your Sovereign when “good luck” eludes you.
     I am orchestrating details in your best interest—
          faith can dance, patience can wait, hope can sing.
     Never stifle My Holy Spirit.
     I exercise ultimate authority—anticipate alleluia!

Sing My praises forever and a day, including this day--say alleluia!


                             (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                      Day 249, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, November 23 2020

Albrecht Durer  Praying Hands 

The LORD is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him sincerely.
PSALM 145:18 NLT 

My unsearchable greatness is your practical strength.
     Worthy of highest honor and praise, powerful beyond calculation—
          I am the Greatest Force.
               Above politics, I do more than make promises—I keep them.
                    Holy Radiant Light changes your night to brightest day.

My unparalleled generosity is your plentiful supply.
     Embraced by My heart’s tenderness, satisfied by My lavish care—
          I am your Gracious Father.
               Infinite resources satisfy your heart’s hunger and thirst.

My unfailing government is your positive solution.
     Submitting to My reign, giving allegiance to the King of kings—
          I am your Glorious Future.
               I heal your heartaches when life seems hopeless.

My understanding gentleness is your peaceful serenity.
     Understanding you when no one else seems to care,
          Standing under you when no one else can help—
               I am your Greatest Friend.
                    In your heart, you are already home—rest easy.

My unimaginable gladness is your praise song.
     Closer than hands and feet, nearer than your very breath—
          I am your Grand Festival.
               Rejoice in inner-stances and practice gratitude perpetually.
                    I am not distant—I am near to the trusting heart.
                         You do not have to travel to find Me—just pray.


                               (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                      Day 248, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Tuesday, November 17 2020

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me.
Psalm 138:7 KJV 

You are a sojourner in ephemeral time.
     The universal law of human life is summed up in one word—walking.
          Life is a walk, a journey, and constant action forward.
     Walking means constant change of position.
          Yesterday’s circumstances are gone forever.
          Today’s circumstances will be in the past tomorrow.
     Life’s walk is constant—the wheels of life never pause.
     Life’s walk is rapid—a morning mist evaporating in blazing sun, a short story.
     Life’s walk is irretraceable—you cannot live one day again.
          Emily Dickinson is right, “That it will never come again
               is what makes life so sweet.”
     Each step you take brings you one step nearer your final destination.

You are surrounded by earthly trouble.
     Life’s walk is not always on green grass under cloudless sky.
          There is much to enjoy on earth, but life is frequently problematic.
          Time educates you for eternity—adversity is My university.
     In hard circumstances, I teach you lessons you would not learn otherwise.

You are supported by eternal trustworthiness.
     The Grand Support of Human Life is equal to all your emergencies.
     I pledge that I will give you strength enough for every troublesome day.
     Corrie ten Boom said it well—“If God sends you on rough roads,
          He gives you iron shoes.”
     I am El Shaddai, the One Who is Enough, Almighty God—
          sufficient for every circumstance, eventuality, or probability.
     I am an ever present—not absent!—help in trouble.
     I am omniscient—I know your cares.  
     I am omnipotent—I can help you.  
     I am omnipresent—I am always with you.
     I keep you in trouble—far better than keeping you from trouble.
     I will finish what I started in you—we will embrace at the end of the road.


                                      (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                              Day 247, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, November 02 2020

Yahweh, my heart is not haughty. I do not set my sights too high.
I have taken no part in great affairs, in wonders beyond my scope.
I hold myself in quiet and silence, like a little child in its mother’s arms.

PSALM 131:1-2 TNJB

Let Me work in your heart to give you assurance for today’s mission and confidence for tomorrow’s mystery.
     Give up sins and become an innocent child in My heavenly kingdom.
     Avoid sophisticated pride—cultivate childlike trust.
     Instead of your maybe, use My shall—learn the vocabulary of trust.
     An angelic trumpet will inaugurate Christ’s kingdom—listen for it.
     Evil, death, crying, and pain will become obsolete—be sure of it.
     If life falls apart, do not scream to high heaven—whisper and I will hear.
     I am the Answer to your heart’s questions.

Let Me work in your heart to make Christlikeness your high ambition.
     Permit Me to replace your haughty prancing with humble walking.
     Allow Me to teach you life’s main lessons—I am God and you are not.
     Kneel and discover the holy land beneath your knees.
     Struggle on toward moral resurrection from the hell-bent world.
     My Son reached out in love—do not seclude yourself from others.
     Society would make you selfishly ambitious—I have a better idea.
     I am your Highest Quest.

Let Me work in your heart to replace your anxiety with childlike trust.
     I am your Harbor—anchor your soul, and enjoy holy silence.
     I am your Mighty Fortress—nestle, do not wrestle, and rest easy.
     I am your Vital Breath—breathe deeply in faith, and relax.
     I am your Life—pray with every heartbeat, and live life fully.
     I am your Provider—wean your soul from fretting, and be content.
     I am your Father—depend on My blessings, and ditch worry.
     I am your Savior—receive My pardon, and live guilt-free.
     I am your Helper—quiet your heart before Me, and stay calm.
     I am your Peace—mute life’s noise, and enjoy My company.
     I am your Quiet Zone--pause awhile, and refuel for the journey.


                                    (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                             Day 245, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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