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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
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Tuesday, April 11 2023


                                                   Peace be with you.

                                                            John 20:19


I give you poise in earth’s scary situations.

     There is no need to be intimidated by people—they are all mortals. 

     Do not tremble before human beings—fear Me and nothing else.

     I am your omnipotent Helper, so do not let fear get the best of you. 

          There is no need to lock doors—I am your omnipotent Protector.

     I whispered stars into existence—I know their names and yours too.   

          I direct intergalactic traffic patterns—I orchestrate details of life. 

     I will never leave you—My Presence is your failsafe security system. 

          Every heartbeat, step, and season of your life—I am with you.

     I give you tough shoes for hard roads—I am your equilibrium equation. 

          I will always love you—My care is your unflinching courage. 

     Rely on the Almighty to see you through trouble—find true serenity.

I give you pardon in your guilty struggles.

     Religious ceremonies are futile—My blood is your way to forgiveness.

          My grace is your only hope of removing guilt’s oppressive burden. 

     Self-talk does not ease doubt—My Spirit is your assurance of heaven. 

          When I make Myself at home in your heart, you can rest easy. 

     Let Me calm your heart—experience the tranquility of inner-stances. 

I give you My promise all will be well in your uncertain tomorrows.

     I walk ahead of you into the future—

          I live in the eternal now—I am who I have been and who I will be.

     Call Me Rabboni—your very own Teacher—follow Me into tomorrow. 

          My heart is your unassailable fortress, a home where you can rest.

     Heaven on earth is not too good to be true; nor is it too good to last.

          After smoke clears in the battle of good and evil, you’ll enjoy victory. 

          A new earth will replace an evil world—I guarantee it.  

     Trust My Word—know supernatural composure facing eternity.  

     Keep faith in your Invisible Means of Support—be an eternal optimist.

          You cannot know how faith in an unseen One brings ecstasy,

               but do not let your lack of understanding stifle your enthusiasm.

          My close friendship is your joy too wonderful for words. 

     There is no need to go around wringing your hands—

          take My wounded hand; you can trust Me. 

     Focus on Me and I will bless you with peace nothing can disturb. 

          My supernatural gift is your peace of mind.



© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                               Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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