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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
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Monday, June 24 2024

                   Prayer Walk

                        Grace be with you, mercy, and peace,

        from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

                        Son of the Father, in truth and love.
    I rejoiced that I found thy children walking in truth,

         as we received a commandment from the Father.
2 John 3-4 KJV

Praying Hands Albrecht Durer

True Love is the Greatest Reality.

     I Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been—
          I have always loved you, and I always will .
     Truth personified walked the earth to show you the face of God.
     Compassion was never clearer than on a cross at Skull Hill.
     Unquestioningly obey My orders, and I will make Myself real to you.
     Think of Me—and find significance.
          Grace is My glory—unmerited favor sustains you.
               Sincerely rely on My power—walk with Me in every difficulty.

Trustworthy Love is the deepest rest.
     Restlessness gives way to rest when you spend time near My heart.
     Your small craft sails smoothly on high seas if you rely on the Captain.
     Keep your mind on Me, and you will discover incomprehensible peace.
     Seek the Victor’s help with moral battles, and despair will be defeated.
     Hopefully lean on Me, and I will grant you the pleasure of My company.
     Triumph in Me—and celebrate serenity.
          Peace is My gift—unparalleled freedom satisfies you.
               Sing My praises—walk with Me every hour to your last breath.

Tender Love is the highest rejoicing.
     I infinitely separate your sins from My throne—I forgive and forget.
     I am not out to hurt you—I do not deal with you as you deserve.
     I know you are dust—I also know your destiny.
     Prayerfully trust Me, and you can walk with Me through the judgment.
     Trust Me—and experience salvation.
          Mercy is My goodness—undeserved forgiveness saves you.
               Humbly follow Me—walk with Me through Heaven’s gate.

© By Pastor Johnny R. Almond         

                                       Day 360, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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