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Monday, April 26 2021

Albrecht Durer  Praying Hands 


This is what the Sovereign LORD says:
“Look! I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem.
It is firm, a tested and precious cornerstone safe to build on.
Whoever believes need never run away again.”
ISAIAH 28:16  NLT 

I am the Graceful Rock of Ages—your Savior in a sinful world.
     Do not wring your hands in futile regret over failures and wrongs—
          fall on your knees and thank Me for making things right between us.
     Worried about forgiveness?  Self-doubt about goodness nagging you?
     To counteract the poison of doubt, trust My redeeming work at the cross.

I am the Granite Solid Rock—your Stabilizer in a quicksand world.
     When change and decay discourage you, remember I never change—
          I have always loved you, and I always will.
     Kings and kingdoms come and go;  political promises are unreliable.
          I am the Only Absolutely Dependable Spot in the universe.
     Worried about your faithfulness?  Count on Mine.
     To counteract the poison of dismay, trust My rock-steady loyalty.

I am the Genuine Cornerstone—your Satisfier in a disappointing world.
     When Satan’s carnival leaves you unhappy, return to My loving heart.
          Travel My Holy Highway—stay off the evil one’s dead-end detour.
          Enjoy the pleasure of My company—avoid heartbreak of rebellion.
     Worried about felicity?  Trust and obey Me, and find invulnerable joy.
     To counteract the poison of disillusionment, trust My infinite resources.

I am the Guiding Foundation of life—your Shepherd in a deceptive world.
     When tempting voices would lead you astray, listen to My true words.
          Ignore skeptical voices—anticipate the joys of paradise restored.
     Follow Me through the valley of death’s shadow—I will get you home.
          Fully expect My Word to come true; you will not be disappointed.
     Learn to lean on Me—hypertension will melt away in light of My love.
          Hailstorms of fear and hurricanes of chaos cannot trump trust.
     Worried about forever?  Trust Me in time; live with Me in eternity.
          To counteract the poison of despair, trust My reliable promises. 


                                  (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                           Day 268,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, April 19 2021

Albrecht Durer   Praying Hands 

What a day of crushing trouble! What a day of confusion and terror
the Lord, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, has brought upon the Valley of Vision!


In overwhelming discouragement, I am your Inspired Enthusiasm.
In bone-tired weariness, I am your Welcome Rest.
In paralyzing fear, I am your Liberating Faith.
In dark despair, I am your Bright Hope.
In horrifying terror, I am your Quiet Peace.
In heartbreaking sadness, I am your Heavenly Joy.
In baffling perplexity, I am your Uncommon Wisdom.
In irritating frustration, I am your Supernatural Patience.
In egocentric arrogance, I am your Authentic Humility.
In dull apathy, I am your Passionate Purpose.
In loud tumult, I am your Silent Tranquility.
In midnight crying, I am your Praise Song.
In heartless self-absorption, I am your Compassionate Kindness.
In recurring sin, I am your Sustaining Grace.
In mournful death, I am your Eternal Life.
In lonely darkness, I am your Night Light.
In sincere repentance, I am your Total Forgiveness.
In penitent brokenness, I am your Absolute Healing.
In authentic humility, I am your True Honor.
In spiritual poverty, I am your Lavish Riches.
In intense difficulty, I am your Persevering Endurance.
In desperate situations, I am your Divine Help.
In excruciating moaning, I am your Relieving Morning.
In heavy tasks, I am your Enabling Poise.
In crazy pandemonium, I am your Incomprehensible Calm.
In relational clashes, I am your Understanding Smile.
In hesitant dilemmas, I am your Energizing Courage.
In deepest gloom, I am your Highest Glory.
In emotional valleys, I am your Ultimate Vision.


(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Day 267,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, April 05 2021

David’s throne will be established by love.  From that throne a faithful king will reign, one who always does what is just and right.

Scripture repeatedly records a resounding promise I intend to keep—
     the King of kings will ascend David’s throne in the new Jerusalem.
     He will do what other monarchs have not been able to do—reign fairly.
     When My Son takes control of the world, righteousness will prevail.
     When Christ is sovereign over all, Truth will rule the day.

He came to earth the first time to reign as King of hearts—
     wise men understood it and worshiped Him;
     a Roman governor recognized it but caved in to compromise;
     a criminal on a cross beside Him acknowledged it and repented.

He will come to earth the second time to reign as King of the universe—
     angels will rejoice when He inaugurates His righteous kingdom;
     unsettled nations will unite when He wages holy war against sin;
     the world’s intractable problems will finally be solved when He rules.

In the midst of a dirge, there is a note of gladness and optimism.
     In the darkest night, there is a ray of hope.
     In the most desperate situation, there is inspiration.
     How can this be? Through the Living Lord of glory, the Immortal King.
     Even a prophet of doom and gloom wrote of a brighter time to come.
     Love, faithfulness, and justice will be the Messiah’s standing order.

One day the One whose Name is above all other names will reign supreme.
     The entire universe will acknowledge His right to absolute lordship.
     If you honor and obey the King in time, you will be ecstatic in eternity.
     With Him in charge of your life, you have a bright future indeed!


                                        (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                               Day 266,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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