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Monday, February 27 2023



 God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
                                                           John 3:16 NLT

The world is the object of My love.

     Looking down from heaven, I dearly prized the people of all nations.  

     Understanding the hopelessness of the human situation,

          I compassionately and mercifully provided a perfect solution.

     Observing sinners scurrying around like cockroaches in dark alleys,

          I sent Holy Light to show them a nobler way to live.

My Son is the offering of My love.

     I am Love—I proved it once and for all by sending Jesus to earth

          to make it possible for you to be My friend forever.

     I did not dispatch My Son to condemn and pass sentence on you—

          but to forgive you of your transgressions.

     The bloody sacrifice on Skull Hill was the highest price He could pay.

          He suffered excruciatingly when He took your sins on His shoulders.

Belief is the opportunity of my love.

     Relying on Jesus places you in My eternal care.

     Believing means more than nodding your head in mental assent—

          it means trusting His words and relying on Him for power to change.

     Jesus’ death on the cross is the only remedy for your sin.

     Your eternal destiny hinges on what you do with My Son.

Eternal life is the optimism of My love.

     Not guilty is the verdict I reach when you kneel in repentance and faith.

     Safe and sound is your ensured state when you surrender to Me.

     Eternal life is not just living forever—that would be hell without Me.  

     Eternal life is a new earthly life in time—

          and a heavenly life without death, sickness, or evil in eternity.

     How can you be sure I will honor this insurance policy? You have My Word.


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                        Day 321, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, February 21 2023

Spiritual Coordinates

                      The Lord God called to Adam, “Where are you?”

                                              Genesis 3:9 NLT

     Sometimes your mind is so preoccupied with chasing the wind—arranging your busy schedule, balancing your budget, and mapping your future—you do not even notice Me calling you.


     I am not in the windstorm of your anxieties, the earthquake of your ego, or the fire of your frustrations. I speak to you in the hushed tones of providence and the still small voice of conscience.


    You are typically running so fast in your human race that you cannot hear Me walking nearby. You may think of Me as being at a great distance, but in reality    I am nearer to you than your hands and feet and closer than your breathing.         I would really enjoy your friendship. If you will stop hurrying long enough, slow down a few minutes, and take a walk with Me, I have a few questions for you.


     Where have you been? I have noticed that you have been extremely busy, actively pursuing earthly success. Do you understand that I have a higher standard by which to measure eternal significance? No matter how many rungs you climb, it would be humiliating for you to reach the top of the wrong ladder!


     Where are you now? After all your merry-go-round days, your hectic pace, your frequent moves, and your accomplishments in life, what is the current state of your heart? Do you feel fulfilled, satisfied, and content? Are you at ease and relaxed with who you are and what you have become? Are you hiding from Me? Or am I your Hiding Place?


     Where are you going? Have you pondered your direction? If you continue on the road you are traveling, where will you be ten or twenty years from now? Are you willing to trust Me with your destination? Will you allow Me to arrange your itinerary? Does your heart hunger to enjoy paradise? Care to go for a stroll?

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                               Day 2, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, February 13 2023

               Jesus' appearance changed

           so that his face shone like the sun,

        and his clothing became dazzling white.

 When they looked, they saw only Jesus with them.

                         Matthew 17:2, 8 NLT


In a world of limitation, I am your infinite power. 

Take "if" out of you vocabulary—believe and say thanks. 

My power shines within your clay body—the Almighty works in you.

Rely on My grace and weakness is transfigured into strength.


In a world of despair, I am your immortal hope.

Shape up while there is time—toss out the garbage and clean house.

Do not sink in mud—raise your eyes toward the Bright Morning Star.

Look up and melancholy is transfigured into music and dancing. 


In a world of self-centeredness, I am your infallible God.

Pride builds a house of cards—I alone endure.

I created everything—I own everything—I control everything. 

Worship Me and apathy is transfigured into heartfelt praise.


In a world of mediocrity, I am your incomparable excellence.

Care more than the world thinks wise;  risk more than thought safe;

     dream more than thought practical—this is success in My eyes.

Aim for the best and half-heartedness is transfigured into quality.


In a world of rebellion, I am your invincible King.

No authority trumps Mine—no government overrides Mine.

The best thing you can ever do is humble yourself in My Presence.

Surrender your heart and chaos is transfigured into radiant calm.


In a world of darkness, I am your inspiring Light.

Gaze on the face of Jesus—see the brightness of divine glory.

Trust My Word—envision the beautiful future I have promised.  

Focus on Me and materialism is transfigured into eternal wealth. 


In a world of disappointment, I am your indescribable reward.

My smile will amply repay your efforts for the Kingdom’s cause.

Well done will be the best paycheck you have ever received.

Honor Me and heartache is transfigured into heaven.

© Johnny R. Almond                           Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, February 06 2023


God blesses those who realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is given to them.

                                                Matthew 5:3 NLT

In a strutting world that values independence, I bless the desperate.

     VIPs struck on themselves receive nothing but disapproval from My hand.

     Beggars prostrate before My throne are blessed beyond imagination.

     The holy land of the broken heart is where I am most at home.

     The reward of humility is ultimate perfection—the Kingdom of Heaven.

In a pleasure-mad world pursuing happiness at any cost, I bless the tearful. 

     Those who cry their heart out over evil learn to laugh out loud. 

     Those who confess and repent discover the ecstasy of My salvation. 

     Yearn to see My face—I will reward you with the pleasure of My company. 

In a dog-eat-dog world obsessed with power, I bless the gentle. 

     The unbelieving world scorns the meek, but they are heaven’s favorites.

     Now the God-controlled and Spirit-sensitive get pushed around.

     But mark My Word—someday their reward will be owning the earth.

In an unfair world focused on personal needs, I bless hungry souls.

     Starved for justice?  Wondering if I will ever balance the books?

     Just wait and see—crooks and thieves will have their day in court.

     Being embraced in My arms will be reward enough for a lifetime of abuse. 

In a ruthless world oppressing lower classes, I bless the merciful. 

     I am unfailingly kind to you—be sure you are kind to others.

     Receiving undeserved mercy will be ample reward for your compassion.

In a dark world of perversion, I bless the pure-hearted.

     Get your mind and heart right, and you will see Me with eyes of your heart.

     When eternity dawns, you will see Me face-to-face—incomparable reward.

In a warmongering world, I bless the peacemakers.

     You are a subject of the Prince of Peace, so do your best to live peacefully.

     Genuinely love others, patiently endure trouble, and pray day and night.

     Do not be uppity, be a smart-aleck, or try to get even.

     Live like this and I will reward you by calling you My child.


In a hateful world ridiculing commitment, I bless the persecuted.

     You may be ostracized now, but someday you will be honored.

     You may be told to sit on the back row, but I will seat you at My head table.

     You may be mistreated now, but I will reward you beyond your dreams.

The rewards offered by the King of kings are not always obvious in time.

     What I have in store for surrendered hearts will be seen only in eternity. 


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                            Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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