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Friday, December 28 2018

I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, but only turmoil.
JOB 3:26 NIV

DO NOT DISTURB signs do not keep unwelcome intruders away. Frustrating problems, excruciating pain, and mystifying perplexity make personal peace elusive. Unexpected trouble can shatter your repose.

When being good does not pay, cause and effect seems inoperable. Children wonder about everything—you wonder about unjust suffering. Why, you ask, does it seem that in your midnight despair, I desert you? Why, you puzzle, do I appear uncaring when you are hurting the most? Why, you agonize, do I feel like a very absent help in time of trouble?

Life’s raging sea makes rest for your soul seem impossible. On high seas, you doubt if you will ever sail into safe harbor. Staying on an even keel takes all your energy—you panic that you may shipwreck. It is hard to be calm and composed when your world is falling apart—turmoil challenges tranquility.

Be careful, or you may wind up cursing life instead of celebrating it—turning your birthdays into sad occasions. Prayerlessness might even produce a death wish.

In a restless world, there is only one place to find peace and quiet—My heart. If you focus on suffering, you will sigh, not sing. Have a pity party, and you cannot hear the future melody I compose. Give up hope, and you will sit out the faith dance.

Where on earth can you possibly find serenity? Only in Me. Steadfastly trust Me, and I promise to surround you with perfect peace. In an action-oriented world, take time to be quiet in My Presence—and I will strengthen your heart. In a pessimistic world, be confident I will keep My Word—and I will put a spring in your step. In a hectic world, do not join the crowd in running around in a dither—stay near My
heart and stand at ease.

Where in a noisy world can you find a quiet zone? Only in Me. Weary of climbing society’s mountain of self-promotion and success? Carrying a crushing burden of worry about being accepted by others? Trade all that for the pleasure of My company—relax in My Presence.

Let Me teach you lessons you can learn nowhere else in the world. You have a lot to learn—the way up is down, taking a low position gets you to the top, contrition brings joy, repentance leads to victory, giving is receiving, valleys sharpen vision, and midnight is the best time for star-gazing.

Worry will vanish if you tell me what is on your heart, thank Me for blessings, and accept My gift of out-of-this-world peace. Stay near Me, and you will be richly blessed. Your heart will find what you are looking for—I am your Quiet Place.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 187, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, December 17 2018

The LORD himself will choose the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child!
She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel – “God is with us.”

You are not alone, though you sometimes feel lonely—I am with you.
When you are unsure which way to turn, I am your Wonderful Counselor.
When you are feeling weak-kneed, I am your Mighty God.
When your life is falling apart, I am your Everlasting Father.
When you are frazzled by pandemonium, I am your Prince of Peace.
When you feel like you have made a fool of yourself, I am your Wisdom.
When you are burdened by your sinfulness, I am your Righteousness.
When you are struggling with impurity, I am your Holiness.
When you are chafing under sin’s shackles, I am your Redeemer.
When you are trying to break bad habits, I am your Liberator.
When you are needing companionship, I am your Greatest Friend.
When you are puzzled by life’s complexity, I am your Guide.
When you are wondering if you will survive difficulty, I am your Faith.
When you feel like singing the blues, I am your Jazz.
When you are tired in My work, I am your Energy.
When you are feeling guilty, I am your Defense Counsel.
When your heart is aching, I am your Comforter.
When you are disappointed, I am your Consoler.
When you are in peril, I am your Helper.
When fiery arrows of temptation are aimed at you, I am your Shield.
When you are on high seas, I am your Captain at the helm.
When you are riding an emotional roller coaster, I am your Seatmate.
When perplexing cares crowd your mind, I am your Center of Gravity.
When worry about needs steals your sleep, I am your Shepherd.
When the night seems interminable, I am your Light.
When your situation is uncertain, I am your Anchor.
When you are on sinking sand, I am your Solid Rock.
When despair threatens your soul, I am your Melody of Hope.
When tears soak your pillow, I am your Dawn.
When current events depress you, I am your Bright Morning Star.
When you feel a little down, remember your Greatest Blessing—God.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity (Day 262)

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Wednesday, December 12 2018

You are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

Jesus means Joy—He saves from despair and hopelessness.
     Alexander conquered the world by force and was called great—
     Jesus captures hearts from all nations by love and is called God.
     In contrast to fleeting happiness, Immanuel gives invulnerable joy—
          His cross brings deep peace, His Presence inexpressible ecstasy.

Jesus means Everlasting Life—He saves from death and hell.
     Tutankhamen’s tomb was found treasure-filled, making him famous.
     Jesus’ tomb was discovered empty, making Him King of Eternity.
     Abundant life here and now, eternal life in the hereafter—
          a grand duet of wonder brought to light by the Dayspring from on high
          who has visited your tilted planet.

Jesus means Separation—He saves from deceit and hypocrisy.
     The clear diff erence between heaven and hell, Christians and worldlings,
          is made by the One who died on the middle cross.
     At the name of Caesar, millions offered incense and called him lord.
     At Jesus’ Name, the universe will fall to its knees and call Him Master.
     His Name will be forever paramount in minds of those who worship Me.

Jesus means Understanding—He saves from devastation and helplessness.
     The names of famous kings and fearful kingdoms all fade into oblivion,
          but Jesus’ incomparable Name increases in glory while ages roll on.
     When you feel like you are falling apart, Jesus holds you together—
          no one understands you, or stands under you, like He does.

Jesus means Salvation—He saves from self-destruction and homelessness.
     Charlemagne and Napoleon changed the face of the world by war—
          the King of hearts changes lives in time and eternity by His grace.
     Jesus saves you from sin’s addictive horrors and makes My heart your eternal home.
     My dream for you—and your destiny—is that you become like My Son.

Jesus is the most glorious and awesome Name—address Him reverently.


                                                      (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                                                Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, December 03 2018


If you keep still, deliverance and rescue for the Jews will originate from some other quarter, while you and your family shall be destroyed.
And who knows but you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?


I am the Master of moments—My pattern is shown in sovereignty. I sometimes work miracles anonymously. Although My Name is not mentioned in the book of Esther, I am behind the scenes of events, directing the drama.

I am the Savior of sinners—My purpose and plan is to save. I sent Joseph ahead of his nation to rescue their lives, and I worked through Esther to save the Jews. Those long ago and far away stories are being retold today when people share how I changed their direction, replaced their despair with hope, and changed their panic to peace.

I am the Lord of Life—your part in the great drama of redemption is to speak. I make a time for everything, a season for every activity, a time to be silent, and a time to speak up.

Pray for wisdom to understand the proper timing to give voice to your convictions. Be sensitive to the urgency of joyfully and boldly praising Me for the miracles you have seen. Be humble enough to realize you are not indispensable. If you should choose to stay quiet, the stones would burst into cheers in My honor!

I placed Esther in a royal position to be My means of blessing. I place believers in royal positions—chosen people, royal priesthood, and holy nation—for the purpose of shining My light into earth’s darkness. In your home, workplace, neighborhood, and nation—you are a king, queen, prince, or princess I can use to work miracles in your world.

Your place in time is not accidental—it is because of the Almighty’s timing. Your responsibilities are not the result of good luck—they are orchestrated by your Good Lord. Your circumstances are not coincidental—they are providential.

In My blueprint for you, you are not a lifeless puppet on a string. Like Me, you have a heart, a mind, and a will. You can feel deeply, think things through, and choose wisely. You could decide to observe My miracles and be mute—the better choice is to praise Me with your lips and your life.

I give you this day—make every hour count for eternity. Seize the moment! 

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Day 185, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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