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Monday, March 30 2020

Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer
and did not withdraw his unfailing love from me.


I have not rejected your prayer—I have responded to you.
     When you confess your wrongdoing, I cleanse your soul.
     When you cry out in desperation, I pay attention to your pain.
     When you plead for help, I do not turn a deaf ear.
     Prayer is always a local call—wherever you are, I can hear you.
     Praise Me for an audience with the King.

I have not restricted your praise—I have released you.
     You do not have to hide your faith as a secret disciple—breathe free.
     You do not have to stifle your joy—sing My praises for all the world.
     I have made you genuinely rich by giving you a contented mind.
     My gift to you is out-of-your-world peace.
     Praise Me for invulnerable joy greater than any earthly happiness.

I have not refused your pleas—I have reinforced you.
     My awesome miracles on your behalf irrefutably prove My love.
     Enemies of your soul, including the evil one, cringe at My power.
     Trust in Me—and trouble will not get you down.
     Stay close to Me—and the prince of the world will not conquer you.
     Praise Me for supernatural assistance.

I have not removed your problems—I have refined you.
     Adversity is My University—trust Me and pass the tests of your faith.
     Time educates you for eternity—prepare for your final exam.
     Low points teach you lessons you would never learn any other way.
     The fiery crucible purges filth—trying floodwaters remove debris.
     I defend in guilt, comfort in sorrow, and encourage in frustration.
     Praise Me for being your Travel Companion on rough roads.

I have not renounced My promises—I have redeemed you.
     My Son became a Sacrificial Lamb to buy your freedom from sin.
     I keep all My promises to you—I am the God of My Word.
     With all my heart, I love you—love Me the same way.
     Praise Me for the honor of serving the God of Truth and Love.

(C)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Day 217 Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, March 23 2020

Golden Sunrise

From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy.

Psalm 65:8b NLT

Prayer is your highest expectation.

     Around the globe, people approach the Sun of Righteousness in faith.

     East to West, the Name of Jesus, King of kings, is the world’s hope.

     Celebrate universal search.

My pardon is your greatest elation.

     I am merciful and gracious to the repentant, broken heart.

     I have removed your sins infinitely from My awareness.

     Celebrate unmerited salvation.

My Providence is your humblest election.

     Marvel at My choice to bring you near My heart.

     Early morning and late evening, I never doze; I keep a constant eye on you.

     Celebrate unimaginable selection.

My power is your strongest energy.

     Your help originates from the Constellation Designer—I can handle it all.

     My heart understands you—My might stands under you.

     Celebrate unequaled strength.

My peace is your sweetest enjoyment.

     I quiet high seas—I calm your restless, pounding heart.

     There is no need to ever be afraid of anything—trust Me.

     Celebrate undisturbed serenity.

My provision is your fullest enrichment.

     At sunrise, humbly bow your knees and say please.

     At sunset, gratefully bow your head and say thanks.

     Celebrate unlimited supply.

My praise is your purest ecstasy.

     I am Everything You Ever Really Need in life.      

     Dawn to dusk, find inspiration in Me.

     Celebrate unending song.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond     Day 216, Gentle Whispers from Eternity  

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Monday, March 16 2020


Power, O God, belongs to you;  unfailing love, O Lord, is yours.
Psalm 62:11, 12 NLT

            No force in the universe is more powerful than the Most High. Artificial light cannot outshine the sun and moon I spoke into existence. Technological advances never do away with the overwhelming need to humbly bow before the Almighty. The Most High God is transcendent—holy, high, above all, outside everything created, distant from earth.

            Yet no friend anywhere is more personal than the God who is Love—immanent, nearer than your hands and feet, closer than your very breath. I am big enough to rule the world, and small enough to live in your heart.

             Because My Son condescended to become a human being, you can see My glory in His face—He reflects My love and faithfulness. No one is nearer My heart than He is—the closer you draw to Him, the closer you get to Me. His grace and truth flood the believing heart with blessing and reality.

              St. Augustine reflected poignantly in his autobiography Confessions: “Our hearts are made for Thee, O God; we are restless until we rest in Thee.” Wait in My Presence—and experience the strength I alone provide. Make Me your Center of Gravity—and discover the true meaning of life. Nestle near My heart—and relax in My dependable care.

               I am your Happiness—so you are not sad in the world’s shadows.

                     My strong love inspires a song in your heart.

               I am your Help—so you are not shaken by violent faith quakes.

                     My strong love energizes you to keep on going.

               I am your Hope—so you are not sarcastic or down-in-the-mouth.

                     My strong love puts a spring in your step.

               I am your Honorso you are not a self-centered egomaniac.

                     My strong love overshadows your flawed reputation with glory.

               I am your Home—so you are not stranded in an impersonal world.

                      My strong love makes us inseparable friends.

            If I were great and not good, My awesome power would make Me a punishing tyrant, a heartless despot, and a demanding dictator. If I were good and not great, I would be merely an abstract ideal, of no practical value, and powerless to assist you. I am great and good—strong and loving, authoritative and compassionate, just and merciful, powerful and caring.

              Revere My greatness—relax in My goodness.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Day 215, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, March 09 2020

Crown Point at Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee,

when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61:2 KJV

I am God Most High—when you are faint, I give you new perspective.

     I am your Rock, higher than the valley of limited vision.

     In the midst of life’s sinking sand, I am your Stability and Confidence.

     In conflicts and sorrows, do as William Cushing* recommends in his hymn

          “Hiding in Thee”—fly to the Rock that is higher than you.

     From your dark valley of despair, view mountains in the distance.

     In your desperate situation, look forward to the daybreak of joy.

     Whatever your angst, I am your Hope.

I am Almighty God—when you are fearful, I surround and protect you.

     I am your Refuge, towering high above the valley of limited valor.

     In the midst of life’s storms, I am your Security and Courage.

     In tempests of life, on its wide, heaving sea, hide in the Rock of Ages.*

     I am your Solid Rock in a quicksand world.

     I am your Mighty Fortress in a dangerous world.

     I am your Shield in a demon-infested world.

     I am your Strong Point in an impersonal, uncaring world.

     Whatever your anxieties, I am your Hiding Place.

I am God of your life—when you are fragmented, I hold you together.

     I am your Residence, high above the valley of limited victory.

     In the midst of life’s stress, I am your Sanity and Calm.

     In conflict, pressed by the foe, flee to Me and breathe out your woe.*

     Whatever your address, I am your Home.

I am God above gods—when you are frustrated, I focus your heart.

     I am your Resolve, higher in meaning than the valley of limited value.

     In the midst of life’s sin, I am your Sanctification and Celebration.

     Looking for light in the darkness, joy in your sorrow, grace in your sin?

     Whatever your ambition, I am your Higher Ground.


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Day214 Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, March 03 2020

Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you.


     I am infinitely superior to all the idols the world worships. False gods of the heart cannot satisfy your deepest yearnings. No-gods are less than nothing. You do not pray to the god whom you may or may not know, as the Babylonians did. You do not have to take a shot in the dark and petition the god whom it may concern, as those pagans did. I am the One and Only God—and I am concerned about you!

     You can cast all your anxieties and concerns and worries on Me—rest assured I care for you affectionately and watch over you day and night. You can be sure I am always thinking about you—it matters to Me what happens in your life. Let Me have your cares, and you can live carefree. This approach to living is far more effective than the naïve philosophy that advocates “don’t worry, be happy.”

     Often you are care-full, when you could and should be care-free. Here is My recipe for peace—pray about everything that concerns you; tell Me what you need; thank Me for My answers; focus your mind on truth, honor, right, purity, loveliness, and excellence. If you do this, you will enjoy the pleasure of My company and experience My calm.

     When you were a child, you had trouble blowing up balloons. You did not seem to have the breath for it. Now that you are grown up, you still have some trouble with balloons—and with life’s frustrations. When weariness takes all the wind out of your sails, I can reenergize you and pump you up by My Spirit Wind. When you are all worn out, the Breath of Heaven can lift you up. Here is My formula for a worry-free life—prioritize living for Me and make My kingdom your primary goal, and I will take care of the rest.

     When the peace of God is elusive, your trouble is that you keep attempting to carry your own cares, and in the process you get crushed under the heavy, impossible load. If you will give your cares to the God of peace, I will carry them—and you. Submit to My gentle mastery as you reread My cordial invitation to you:     Come to Me all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.

     Let go of your stresses and let Me sustain you—I will bear your burdens on My strong shoulders and make your heart lighter than air.

     I manage the universe—do you think I cannot manage your stress?

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Day 213 Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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