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Monday, April 24 2023

         The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. 

                                           Psalm 23:1

     I lovingly embrace you and faithfully carry you close to My heart. What difference does it really make? All the difference in the world!  When you follow Me as your Shepherd, l take good care of you.

     Hungry? I alone can satisfy your heart’s deepest hunger. Like a sheep after a satisfying meal, you lie down in a green meadow to take a nap—content.


     Falling apart under stress? Take My hand—I will lead you by peaceful streams where you will not be frightened and you can enjoy My poise.


     Tottering? Look to Me and find strength for life’s challenges—soar higher than mediocrity, run faster than temptation, and walk farther than lethargy.  Find renewed energy in the pleasure of My company.

     Yearning to be holy? My paths are right and honorable—walk on them and grow in My likeness.

     Troubled at the thought of dying? Do not fear—I am with you. I will protect and comfort you as you cross the dark valley to the city of light.

     Encircled by foes? Take a seat at My table—enjoy a meal with Me.

     Hurting? Divine hospitality cures your headache and heartache.

     Unhappy? Look around—then look up and thank Me for the overflowing blessings in your life. I do not just hang one star in the sky—I spangle your nights with countless awesome constellations. I do not plant only a single         flower for your viewing enjoyment—I arrange whole fields. I do more than toss an occasional blessing—blessings cascade from My heart to yours day after day.

     Feeling unloved in an uncaring world? Nestle near My heart, and My goodness and unfailing love will warm yours. It can be a cold, cruel world—as I learned firsthand when I visited your tilted planet—but I am the heartwarming God.


     Longing for permanence? Heaven on earth will bring you an unchanging address. Better than hope-so, maybe-so, guess-so talk—know-so confidence faces forever with unflinching faith in your Shepherd. I am your Center of Gravity—everything you need in time and in eternity. Follow Me—I will get you home.


(c)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond                       Day 200, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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