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Monday, October 31 2022

Thus saith the Lord of hosts: Yet once, it is a little while, 

and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.

And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come,

and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts.

                                 Haggai 2:6-7 KJV

You have an extraordinarily wonderful event to look forward to—

     the return of your Savior Jesus, the awesome reign of the Messiah. 

You can be absolutely certain it will happen—you have My Word on it.

     My Holy Spirit in your heart convicts you of realities as yet unseen.

There is joy too wonderful for words ahead—heaven is just around the corner.

Though you go through agonizing nights now, ecstasy will soon dawn. 

You live in a humiliating body—limited, weak, subject to disease, mortal. 

When Jesus returns, He will resurrect dust into an immortal and vibrant body. 

You have heard about Christ’s return and read My promises many times.

But you cannot imagine the transformation that will occur when He descends.   

I am planning a celebration greater than anything you have ever experienced.

The redeemed from all nations will join millions of angels singing My praises. 

Nations rise and fall . . . superpowers fade into oblivion . . .

     countries prosper and die . . . conquerors are in turn conquered.

     But My Kingdom will last forever—it is not too good to last.

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream will come true—

     I will inaugurate an indestructible, invincible Kingdom.

     The Rock will shatter all governments and wield unquestionable authority.

My dream will come true—you will ultimately become like My Son.

The noblest dreams of the saints of all ages will come true. 

The universe is infinitely larger and grander than you can fathom—so am I.

It is impossible for you to write a check too big for heaven’s bank to honor.

There will be peace at last—wars history, nations united, earth resting.

I will make My home with you—a down-to-earth God you can enjoy forever.

I will turn everything upside down and start over—

     I will overthrow tyrants and dismantle weapons of mass destruction.

Stars will fall, heads will roll, hearts will fail, tears will flow, knees will bend.

The King of kings—God-of-the-Angel-Armies—will marshal troops of heaven,

     strike godless nations, and vanquish the evil one.

Keep this dream alive!  Skeptics may call you a dreamer, but do not worry—

     your faith will be vindicated; your prayers will be answered;

     your hopes will materialize; your dream will come true.


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, October 24 2022


He requested letters addressed to the synagogues in Damascus, 
asking their cooperation in the arrest of any followers of the Way.

He wanted to bring them--both men and women--back to Jerusalem in chains.

Acts 9:2 NLT


I am the Way to God.

     All roads do not lead to Rome; neither do they lead to glory.

     Be My follower—travel Holiness Highway by faith,

          and someday you will arrive at the glorious destination of heaven.


I am the Key to truth.

     I am the Embodiment of Unfailing Love and Unvarying Faithfulness.

     All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are found in My heart.

     Be My student—learn My way and relax in My grace.


I am the Secret of Life.

     I invite you to open your personality to My Presence.

     Be My guest—accept My hospitality, take a seat at My table,

          then feast on My abundant provisions for your soul.


I am the King of hearts.

     I ask from you what a bride asks of her spouse, a father of his children,

          or a philosopher of his friends—your heart.

     Be My disciple—follow My orders, and I will make Myself real to you.


I am the Unifier of believers.

     I am Love, and I command all who love Me to love others who do.

     Be My saint—be affectionate toward your spiritual siblings,

          and enjoy the pleasure of the company of My eternal family.


I am the Goal of faith.

     Believe in Me, though you cannot see Me, and walk in My light.

     Be certain one day you will see Me—purify yourself for that eventuality.

     Be My worshipper—and I will coach you to the finish line.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond               Day 327. Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, October 17 2022

brting G
od’s resence

Now turn from your sins and turn to God, so you can be cleansed of your sins.

Then wonderful times of refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord,

                     and he will send Jesus your Messiah to you again.

                                      Acts 3:19-20 NLT


Searching for a clean heart? I justify you by My pardon.

     Here is the path to a clear conscience—turn from sin, then turn to Me.

     Fall to your knees in repentance, and stand tall by grace.

     Do an about-face from evil, and march in My direction.

     Change your mind about Me, and I will change you from inside out.

     The Pure and Holy One is your only solution for inner cleansing.

     The Just One who died for the unjust is your means of forgiveness.

     I know the skeletons in your closet, but I choose to bury them forever.

     I am aware of your dark past, but I remove your guilt—walk in My light.


Yearning for a celebrative heart? I make you joyful in My Presence.

     Here is the path to ecstasy—obey Me, and I will make Myself real to you.

     To know invulnerable joy, live in the holy land of the broken heart.

     I am the Source and Author of life—enjoy the pleasure of My company.

     I am your Travel Companion—stay close to My side and sing for joy.

     Satan is a killjoy—I am the Key to real life in all its richness.

     I am the Prince of Peace—I calm your heart in life’s pandemonium.

     I am the God of peace—I grant you My peace in life’s combat zone.

     I know life is difficult, but I graciously help you—hold My hand.


Wanting a confident heart? Journey with Me toward paradise.

     Here is the path to hope—Christ in you, you are certain of immortality.

     Heaven is your ultimate home—look ahead, not just around.

     When you worship Me in heaven on earth, you will dance for joy.

     A deathless, tearless, painless, sinless world will replace the old one.

     You can depend on it—I have given you My trustworthy and true Word.    

     God’s Son, the Man from heaven, condescended to be your Savior.

     God’s Servant, the Messiah from heaven, has become your Sovereign.

     I understand your anxieties, but I promise to get you home—trust Me.


© Johnny R. Almond                                Day 326, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, October 11 2022

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true,

and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives.

It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right.

It is God’s way of preparing us in every way,

fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 NLT


Teaching of Scripture gives you vision in a despairing world.

Positive about ultimate reality, look above and beyond perishing things.

Do not pin your hopes on political promises and government plans.

Trust My plan—it is more significant and absolutely certain to happen. 

Your destiny hinges on My trustworthiness—so do not wring your hands.

Knowing everything seen has a destroyer, invest in eternal treasures. 

Believing the future will be as beautiful as My promises, wait patiently.

Anticipating the dawn of the bright morning star, whistle in the dark.

Reviewing My eternal blueprint, look forward to heaven’s open house.

You have My Word—believe My promises and rest assured of glory.

Reproof of the Holy Bible teaches you virtue in a depraved world.

Pure in thought, word and deed, enjoy a good conscience.

To avoid sinning, internalize and treasure My Word in your heart.

To be a person I can use, keep your mind clean and your heart childlike. 

When you realize you have gone wrong, exit that devilish detour.

Learn from your mistakes—stay out of the devil’s dark, dingy places.

Live as a child of the Light—shine like a diamond on black velvet. 

I want you to be My work of art—yield to My Spirit and honor Me. 

Correction of My Word brings you victory in a deceitful world.

Passionate about right behavior, avoid hellacious propaganda.

Satan’s native language is lying—stay in line with the Truth. 

Stay off crooked dead-end roads—travel the straight and narrow.

Run from all lustful stimuli—run toward everything that promotes love. 

Want to win battles against the evil one?  Then follow My Field Manual.

Instruction of the Book from Heaven gives vitality in a dying world.

Productive in good works by staying near Me, revel in a fruitful life.

Independently, you can do nothing worthwhile—you are weak.

Dependently, you can do everything I ask of you—I am your Strength. 

Searching the Scriptures to find eternal life?  I am your Savior. 

Want to prove your love?  Do as I say and I will make Myself real to you.

Yearn to know Me better?  Then live by the Book.


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                         Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Thursday, October 06 2022

God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, 

but of power and love and self-control.

            2 Timothy 1:7 MLB


Trust Me and you will have courage to face any enemy that attacks.

Afraid you cannot engage the evil one and win?  You cannot, without Me.

Spinelessness is out of character for one who trusts the Mighty God.

Fear is out of place in hearts abandoned to the Captain of heaven’s hosts.   

Paralysis in the face of death betrays a lack of faith in the risen Lord. 

Do not face the future cowering in fear—face tomorrow fearlessly in faith. 

Do not be agitated by earth’s troubles—enjoy heaven’s gift of peace of mind.

My Spirit is stronger than any opposing force—victory is guaranteed.

March on—I am beside you fighting on your behalf. 

Count on Me and you will have capability to complete God-given tasks.  

Afraid you cannot do what I ask?  You cannot, without My grace.

Without Me you can do nothing—with Me impossibilities evaporate. 

Without Me you are powerless—with Me you are strong. 

Afraid of people?  Intimidation neutralizes your effectiveness for Me. 

The Almighty walks with you, so do not tremble before mere mortals.

My Spirit gives lasting patience, tenacious loyalty and undying constancy.   

Walk on water—I am in your soul energizing and enabling you.

Follow Me and you will have compassion to care for others.

Afraid you cannot care as I expect you to?  You cannot, without My mercy. 

My Son went around doing good—do more than just go around.

You are blessed to be a blessing, helped to be helpful, loved to be loving. 

Love in your heart is not put there to stay—it is not love, till you give it away. 

My Spirit prompts sacrificial love, lavish giving and Christlike gentleness. 

Care more than others think wise—I am in your heart inspiring you. 

Think about Me and you will have composure to stand strain and stress.

Afraid you cannot keep from going crazy?  You cannot, without My peace.

When I exorcised demons, people sat at My feet in their right mind.

When I calm your inner storms, you can think clearly under pressure. 

My Spirit grants incomprehensible peace and supernatural self-control.

Resign as Universe General Manager—I am in your mind calming you.

Lean on Me and you will confidence to boldly step into tomorrow.

Afraid you cannot keep your chin up?  You cannot, without My Spirit.

I promise to make the future bright—trust without doubt. 

I promise to be your Night Light—live without fear.    

I promise to help you win—fight without trembling.

Look forward to a glorious destiny—I am in your life cheering you on.



© Johnny R. Almond                                           Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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