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Monday, January 28 2019

What good will it do us if we pray?
JOB 21:15 NLT

In times of doubt and pain, you may question the value of prayer. You may wonder about the use of spending time in this enterprise and ask what is gained by it all. Petitioning My throne may seem pointless.

Such questions soon evaporate in the light of My Holy Presence. The highest value of prayer is a deeper awareness of your Creator. To feel Me near—holding your hand as you travel life’s rugged road—is the highest reward of prayer and your supreme joy.

I will show you the best way to live, grant you equanimity the world is unable to give, and bless you with the eternal pleasure of My company.

No matter how the world shoves you, remember I care about you and love you with all My heart. Let Me have everything that worries you—I can handle it better than you can. Burdens of life can crush you—My shoulders are strong and wide enough to carry the heavy load.

Begin each morning with an appointment with your Father. I will listen to you and pay attention to your requests. You can depend on Me
to answer. Almighty help is only a prayer away—trade weakness for My strength. Heavenly wisdom is yours for the asking—be sure to ask!

Learn these lessons well: 1) prayer does not change things—I do; 2) prayers do not change Me—they change you.

Find a quiet place and get still before Me—take an exit ramp from the interstate of life’s rapid pace, find a country road sheltered by trees and listen to birds singing songs I taught them; spend unhurried time communing with Me—then return to the daily grind with renewed love for other people.

When you are weary and buckling under with responsibilities, fall to the holy ground beneath your knees. In My Presence you will find something you will never find anywhere else—rest. I am your Calm and Contentment—thank Me for My blessings, talk over with Me whatever is troubling you, and you can relax.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson was correct in “The Passing of Arthur,” Idylls of the King: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” And when Arthur Christopher Benson said, “Life is fragile, handle it with prayer,” he had learned the value of prayer.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 190, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Wednesday, January 23 2019

Where then is my hope? Who can see any hope for me?
JOB 17:15 NIV

Earth causes discouragement. When you look around, you are hopeless. Most news is bad. Circumstances of crime, war, famine, disease, abuse, sin, and death sadden you. The world feels like the insane asylum of the solar system.

Egocentricity causes defeat. When you look within, you are hopeless. An honest inward look reveals iniquity. I know you inside out—everything about you is clear. Focus on yourself and you are on a path to frustration and failure.

Evil causes despair. When you look back, you are hopeless. Regret over rebellion brings anguish. Mental replay of transgression intensifies your guilt. The only way you can celebrate a right relationship with Me is to confess and renounce your sins, and then depend on Me to forget them. When the Devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future! And whenever self-condemnation threatens to crush your spirit, claim this truth—My heart never condemns those who belong to My Son. Good-hearted hope is found only by faith in Me.

Eternity will bring the dawn. When you look ahead, you are hopeful. Looking forward to heaven on earth transforms your sighing into singing. At the tunnel’s end is Light that will never dim. Glory is worth the wait. In hope, listen for the beautiful symphony of paradise—by faith, dance here and now.

You sometimes feel run down, but My love makes you radiant.

You sometimes are scared, but I give you faith—replacing supposing with reposing. Instead of your “perhaps” or “maybe” or even “hope so,” I teach you trust vocabulary that says will.

Let invulnerable joy, steady confidence, and eternal optimism permeate your spirit and thrill your heart. Anticipate a bright future—deathless existence, a victory parade down the High Street of heaven, the kingdom of the King of kings bringing universal peace.

When problems overwhelm you, rely on My power.

When pain and heartache intensify, pray.

When current events discourage you, reread My promises for the future.

When the outlook is bad, try the up look.

Look prayerfully toward the horizon—see a ray of hope.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 189, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, January 07 2019

I am disgusted with my life. Let me complain freely. I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.
JOB 10:1 NLT

Sometimes you are like Elijah—experiencing burnout syndrome. At such times, you are almost to the point of praying desperately like him, “I
have had enough, take my life.” You have never been totally burned out, but you have gotten mighty warm.

You have not had to weather a perfect storm like Job. You have always liked your life, never loathed it. Sometimes the emotional terrain you traveled has been steep and rough, but you have generally enjoyed the walk.

This is not to say you have not done your share of complaining. Instead of celebrating My goodness, you tend to complain and gripe. Rather than being humbly grateful, you often turn grumbly hateful. Even on a bright, blue-sky day, you can find something to frown about. Focusing on your bitterness instead of My blessing, it is hard to smile—all you can seem to manage is a sigh.

Get over your self-pity. Let Me teach you to sing My praises. You complain that your feet hurt—some have only one leg, or none. You complain about the day being dark and cloudy—some people have never seen the sunlight. You complain about life’s noise, how hard it is to find any peace and quiet—some people have never heard music. You complain about having to pay so many bills—some people do not
have the money to pay them. You complain about so much to do—some people are unemployed.

If complain, complain, complain has become your prevalent attitude, here is a little shock therapy—if you had never been born, then you would not have anything at all to complain about!

Trust Me—behind life’s misery and mystery, there is Meaning. Pain has a high and noble purpose. Trials can lead to triumph. Hurt can shape you into holiness. Bitterness can become a blessing. It all depends on your attitude.

When your life becomes a bitter pill, you can pay a visit to heaven’s complaint department and demand to see the Manager—or you can submit to the Master, swallow bitterness, and be blessed.

I do not ask you to give thanks for all circumstances, but to give thanks in all circumstances. No matter how tough your situation, there is always a reason to be grateful—if you look prayerfully enough.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 188, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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