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Monday, January 30 2023

You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God.

There is no other God; there never has been and never will be.

I am the Lord, and there is no other Savior.

Isaiah 43:10-11 NLT

I am the only Resource sufficient enough to supply all your needs.

I am the only Counselor caring enough to calm your worries.

I am the only Fortress secure enough to overcome your fears.

I am the only Friend loyal enough to stay beside you in every storm.

I am the only Savior compassionate enough to forgive your rebellions.

I am the only Strength strong enough to do the impossible.

I am the only Commander smart enough to win your life’s battles. 

I am the only Name meaningful enough to give all the world hope.

I am the only Example holy enough to inspire your noblest effort.

I am the only Power awesome enough to give you absolute confidence.

I am the only Guide wise enough to see you through life’s maze.

I am the only Warrior skilled enough to help you conquer temptation.

I am the only One consistent enough to stabilize you in change. 

I am the only Prince peaceful enough to calm you in chaos and turmoil.

I am the only Mind imaginative enough to engineer a beautiful world.

I am the only Comforter caring enough to help you survive hard times.

I am the only Being worthy enough to merit your heartfelt worship.

I am the only Way clear enough to direct you through uncertainties.

I am the only Truth honest enough to believe at all times.

I am the only Life vital enough to guarantee your eternal destiny.

I am the only Authority comprehensive enough to rule every kingdom.

I am the only Master mighty enough to hold you together in trouble.

I am the only King immortal enough to conquer the enemy of death.

I am the only Lord perceptive enough to understand you at all times. 

I am the only Foundation reliable enough to stand under you always.

I am the only Helper capable enough to unify your fragmented life.

I am the only Influence transforming enough to make all things new.

I am the only Antidote effective enough to turn pandemonium to peace.

I am the only Force strong enough to guard you in devastation.

I am the only Heart loving enough to pardon sins and remove guilt.

I am the only Mind wise enough to manage the universe. 

I am the only Solution ultimate enough to solve the world’s problems.

I am the only Light intense enough to make the future bright. 

I am the only Physician skilled enough to heal your soul’s diseases.

I am the only God infinite enough to totally satisfy your hungry heart.
© Pastor Johnny R. Almond       Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, January 23 2023


                 The Lord has already told you what is good, what he requires:

             to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

                                                          Micah 6:8 NLT

There is nothing you can give Me to make up for evil done.

     Writing a ten thousand dollar check would not change a thing. 

     Funding a cathedral would not pay off your transgressions.     

     Underwriting a missionary team to foreign lands would not erase sin.

What I am looking for in human beings is really very simple—

     obedience to My commandments, honest endeavor to do right;

     compassion toward others, kindness and mercy for the struggling;

     humility before Me, taking Me seriously.

I desire a responsive LIFE, not just response in offerings.

     In gratitude for My steadfast faithfulness, surrender your heart to Me. 

     Prove you love Me by doing your best to meet My demands.

In a world that offers you many options, I offer you basically two—

     obedience, resulting in the blessing of life;

     or rebellion, resulting in the curse of death.  

It’s up to you which road you travel, but keep consequences in mind.   

Every thought, word and deed is an accurate boomerang.

If you decide to ignore heaven’s requirements, you will suffer for it.

You heard right—I said requirements. 

My laws are not suggestions—they are orders from Higher Headquarters.

My commands are not recommendations—they are clear requirements.

Christlikeness is more than an ethical ideal—it is a moral imperative.

Life Curriculum has required courses, including these three core ones—

    Doing what is right—living by the Book, not your unruly urges;

    Being kind to others—being aware they fight a hard battle, like you;

    Walking humbly with Me—keeping in mind you are not God, I am.

Why do right?  Because I said so.

Why be kind?  Because I am not hard on you.

Why be humble?  Because you are limited, weak, mortal, and finite.

Let Me remind you again of what you can do to make My heart sing—

     choose to do the right thing, whatever the majority does;

     be kind to everybody you meet, regardless of how they treat you;

     walk humbly with Me, remembering I am God and you are not.

Do as I say, and all will be well.

         © Pastor Johnny R. Almond                   Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, January 16 2023

Traveling L
and my salvation—

so why should 

The Lord is my light and my salvation--so why should I be afraid?

Psalm 27:1a NLT

     The light of courage dispels the darkness of cowardice. Faith is the antidote to fear’s poison. Fear Me and you need fear nothing else! Trust the Solid Rock in a quicksand world—I will never disappoint you. Stay close to My heart—change will not throw you. Rely on Me—storms will not dismay you. Build on Christ as your Foundation—be well.

     The light of conquest dispels the darkness of defeatism. The dark side cannot vanquish the trusting heart, because I am the Victor. I am your Strength, so do not let anything Satan hurls at you scare you. Jesus plus any problem equals victory. Hide in Me, your Fortress—win.

     The light of communion dispels the darkness of self-centeredness. I am your Salvation, so you can be satisfied in all circumstances. Happiness comes and goes, but joy stays. I am your Felicity—worship.

     The light of companionship dispels the darkness of loneliness. I am your Song, so you do not have to be sad and down-in-the-mouth. In the hymn “Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus,” Anna Russell reveals an unfailing source of music: “There is never a day so dreary, .never a night so long, but the soul trusting Jesus will somewhere find a song.” I am your Friend—enjoy My welcome.

     The light of counsel dispels the darkness of ignorance. My guidance may seem slow in coming, but is a reliable light to guide your way. Live more by faith, less by sight. Use faith eyes to see invisible realities. I am your Father—live by My wisdom.

     The light of confidence dispels the darkness of pessimism. There is Light beyond light at the end of the tunnel of despair—and it is not the headlight of an approaching train. No matter how depressing current events get, you can look forward to My promised tomorrow. The future is as bright as My promises. I am your Future—just wait!

     A new day is dawning. You can choose to be anxious about it, or you can choose to be enthusiastic about it. How you choose will determine how your day goes. Gaze reverently on the cross—it shines as a plus sign dispelling all darkness.

     Do not reclaim unnecessary lost baggage of fear, negativism, egocentricity, melancholy, conceit, and despair—now is the perfect time to lose your luggage. Walk as a child of the Light—travel light!


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                Day 201, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, January 09 2023

That night the Lord appeared to Paul and said,

“Be encouraged, Paul.  Just as you have told people about me here in Jerusalem,

you must preach the Good News in Rome.”

Acts 23:11 NLT


Hear My voice in creation—

  laughter in streams, music in birds, joy in the breeze.

    Listen—be encouraged to live life to the fullest.

Hear My voice in children—

  spontaneity in chatter, freedom in play, love in talk.

    Listen—be encouraged to enjoy life’s adventure.

Hear My voice in the center of your being—

  nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing.

    Listen—be encouraged to march ahead chin up.  

Hear My voice in circumstances—

  whatever happens, giving you reasons for gratitude.  

    Listen—be encouraged to live gratefully.

Hear My voice in the church—

  unique personalities at the cross to hear My Word.

    Listen—be encouraged to live a life of love.

Hear My voice in My calling—

  teaching you to nestle near My heart.

    Listen—be encouraged to follow a sacred purpose.

Hear My voice in My commandments—

  ringing true in a deceptive world,

  shining bright in a dark world.

    Listen—be encouraged to live obediently.


Picture - Cross Roads Camp; Lowesville, Virginia 


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                 Day 333, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, January 03 2023

Look at the Kingdom of God, not just your own little corner.

     On D-Day, Marines on Omaha Beach thought they were going to lose.   

     A reconnaissance pilot saw the big picture and knew they would win.  

     Take a higher perspective—count on ultimate victory through Christ.

     After the world’s nightmare, heaven’s dream will come true.

     Envision My future—brightened by My guarantee.

     Live optimistically.

Look at Christ, not just your circumstances.

     What happens to you can be miserable, but you do not have to be.   

     After the world’s troubles, heaven’s joys will dawn.

     Envision My festival—brightened by My glory.

     Live cheerfully.

Look at blessings, not just problems.

     See with the eyes of your heart, and learn to be humbly grateful.

     Every day I give good and perfect gifts—light in the world’s darkness,  

          stability in the world’s changes, and truth in the world’s confusion.      

     After the world’s pain, heaven’s health will prevail.

     Envision My friendship—brightened by My generosity.

     Live thankfully.

Look at My call, not just your comfort.

     After the world’s pleasure fades, heaven’s reward will endure.

     Envision My faithfulness—brightened by My goodness.

     Live purposefully.

Look at My Presence, not just your preoccupations.

     After the world’s turmoil, heaven’s peace will last.

     Envision My face—brightened by My grace.

     Live prayerfully.


©  Pastor Johnny R. Almond          Day 332, Gentle Whispers from Eternity  

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