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Monday, August 30 2021

Warner Sallman  Head of Christ 


All the people of Egypt will discover that I am the LORD, for you collapsed like a reed when Israel looked to you for help and leaned on you. Like a cracked staff you splintered and stabbed her in the armpit. She put her weight on you, you gave way, her back was thrown out of joint.
                                                EZEKIEL 29:6-7 NLT

Who or what do you trust?

The world?
     Egypt was once magnificent and powerful—
          superpowers are succeeded by others more powerful.

Sinful pleasure?
     It is never worth the hangover and the heartache.

     Human praise is empty—it can never satisfy your deepest longing.

     Making payments on what you call your own is a long treadmill.

     Place your confidence in mortals and they can disappoint you.

Military forces?
     Aircraft carriers, tanks, infantry, stealth bombers, cruise missiles—
          all are useless means of defense without heaven's shield of blessing.

     Obsess over money and someday you will meet someone who has not—
          then you will realize how poor you have grown.

     Every other staff will break and pierce your hand and heart.
     I am the Only Completely Trustable Spot in the entire universe.
     Lean your whole weight on My everlasting arms—relax. 


                                        (c)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                 Day 286,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, August 23 2021


Look! Your oarsmen are rowing your ship of state into a hurricane! Your mighty vessel flounders in the heavy eastern gale. You are shipwrecked in the heart of the sea! 

Babylon became great—but boasted of its greatness, and perished.
Greece grew strong—but trusted its strength, and disappeared.
Rome conquered the world—but worshiped itself, and toppled.
Tyre thought it had it made—international trade made it rich—
     then arrogance swelled their head and shriveled their heart.
Their ship of state was a magnificent vessel—the envy of the world.
     But that ship of state wrecked on the rocks of self-reliance.
Any nation that acknowledges My lordship will be blessed—
     any nation that refuses to bow the knee will be cursed.

Your own nation may be known as a superpower,
     but all the nations are a drop in the bucket compared to My power.
Your country may have a reputation for technological sophistication,
     but all nations are less than nothing to Me—froth on the sea of life.

An autopsy of a failed nation always reveals the growth of pride.
Hubris in the heart of a nation is a wrecking ball that will destroy it.
Strutting on the stage of history is a sure way to trip and fall.
Carrying on business without God results in moral bankruptcy.

It all begins with you.
     Do not imagine you can do wrong without weakening your country.
     Do not downgrade the positive effect you can have by a noble example.
     Do not think you have no influence over your nation—you certainly do!
     If you obey My commands, you will set the pace for your family.
     If your home reflects My love, you will encourage your neighborhood.
     If your community honors My law, they will model fairness for your city.
     If your city respects My ways, they will inspire your state.
     If your state aims for justice, your nation will grow in righteousness.
     If your nation is righteous, your world will take notice of a better way.
     It all begins with you.


                                                   (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                        Day 285,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, August 16 2021


God says, “Take your royal crown off your head. No more ‘business as usual.’
       The underdog will be promoted and the top dog will be demoted.”

                                EZEKIEL 21:26  THE MESSAGE 

Some people will tell you that nothing in the world will ever change.
     They are badly mistaken—everything will change someday!
     The old order will give way when My Son rules paradise restored.
     Old earth will disappear when the new one flourishes.
     Old heaven will be history when I erase memory of Lucifer’s rebellion.
     Death will be reversed by the Life—old age will be a thing of the past.
     Tears will be reversed by the Truth—heartache will be obsolete.
     Pain will be reversed by the Way—hospitals will be unnecessary.
     The old world and its evils will be reversed by Christ’s new world.

The first now will be last then—those who think they have it made do not.
     Haughty egotists will eventually be put in their place.
     Those at the end of the line will move to the front—rewarded at last.

I bless the poor in spirit—I will enrich them with the kingdom of heaven.
     I bless the brokenhearted—I will comfort them with My grace.
     I bless the gentle and lowly—I will give them new earth real estate.
     I bless the hungry and thirsty—I will give them a full measure of justice.
     I bless the kind and merciful—I will show them abundant mercy.
     I bless the pure—I will let them see My face.
     I bless the peacemakers—I will call them My sons and daughters.
     I bless the persecuted—I will welcome them to My peaceful kingdom.

What will it take to change an old world into a new one? Christ’s return!
     The Wonderful Counselor will reverse confusion by unerring guidance.
     The Mighty God will reverse defeat by overwhelming victory.
     The Everlasting Father will reverse chaos by undisturbed stability.
     The Prince of Peace will reverse war by indestructible tranquility.

Joy will fill the earth when I bring about the great reversal. 


                            (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                   Day 284,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, August 09 2021

Albrecht Durer  Praying Hands 

Even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were there, their righteousness would save no one
                               but themselves, declares the Sovereign LORD.

                                                 EZEKIEL 14:14 NLT

Noah preached to a needy world, though the majority ignored him.
     He kept at the task I gave him, despite sneers and sarcasm.
     Crowds scorned his message and laughed at his boat-building project;
          nevertheless, he hammered away and kept telling My story.
     For over a century, Noah warned rebels—with little visible results.
     I want you to keep preaching My Word, whether or not people believe.
     Stand on My promises and fasten on the belt of timeless Truth.
          Wield the Spirit Sword to counter propaganda of the evil one.
          Whatever the response—herald My Word.

Daniel prayed in a dangerous world, though government threatened him.
     Leaders could not keep him off his knees facing the Temple.
          With windows open toward Jerusalem, he prayed three times a day.
          Lions could not kill his steadfast loyalty to Almighty God.
          He worshiped Me continually, so I protected him constantly.
          No matter how antagonistic life gets, hold My hand.
          Whatever the circumstances or the situation—keep hoping.

Job persevered in a short-sighted world, though friends misunderstood him.
     On the edge of despair, he held on by his finger-nails and trusted Me.
          Life can be difficult—the lark does not always sing in an April sky.
          Life can be discouraging—futility sometimes clouds the horizon.
          Life can be tiring—apparent pointlessness weakens motivation.
          Life is not a 100-yard dash, but a marathon—run to the finish line.
          Consider your life as time to honor Me, and purpose will energize you.
          When you see your Savior, your efforts will all seem worthwhile.
          Whatever happens—hang on.

                                    (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                        Day 283,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, August 02 2021

The end has come! It has finally arrived! Your final doom is waiting!

Ten . . . 
Do you sometimes think life will always be as it is now? Think again!
Things will radically change someday, whether you believe it or not.

Nine . . . 
Do you doubt that My Son will ever return to earth? Depend on it!
When the King puts His foot down, heaven will materialize.

Eight . . . 
Convinced you can do wrong and get away with it? Do not kid yourself!
Every thought, word, and deed is an accurate boomerang.

Seven . . . 
Feel you have unlimited time to straighten out your behavior? No way!
When the trumpet sounds, time is up.

Six . . . 
Strutting in self-righteous splendor? Time to change your wardrobe!
Do not lull yourself to sleep comparing yourself with “inferior” people.

Five . . . 
Looking down on other believers? Dismount your high horse!
Do not be angry you cannot change others—you cannot change yourself.

Four . . . 
Judging others for their sinful ways? Take a long look in the mirror!
Everyone—you included—will stand before Christ to be judged.

Three . . . 
Wondering if justice will ever prevail? I will balance the books.
My holy holocaust will incinerate evil—purify your heart before the end.

Two . . . 
Wavering in enthusiasm in My service? Trust My Spirit and keep at it.
Nothing you do for My glory wastes time; inspired work is never useless.

One . . . 
Still trying to please people? They are not your Boss—I am!
Aim to please Me—My smile will be reward enough.


(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Day 282,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 


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