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Monday, January 31 2022


Rejoice greatly, O people of Zion!  Shout in triumph, people of Jerusalem! Look, your king is coming to you. 
He is righteous and victorious, yet he is humble, riding on a donkey--even on a donkey’s colt.


Humility will surprise the proud.
     The Messiah’s triumphant entry surprised spectators lining the parade route.
     They dreamed of a conquering-hero lion, not a Humble-Servant Lamb.
     Heaven’s front-row seats are not reserved for earth’s big shots.

Life will surprise the materialistic.
Atheists expect a finale, not an encore—death will not have the last word.
     Faith and hope will be vindicated in the saints’ resurrection dance.
     Epicureans will be dazed by an afterlife they never dreamed of.

Ecstasy will surprise the doubtful.
The despondent will be delighted when they see the dawn—
          triumph over despair will dumbfound ones who had given up on joy.

Calamity will surprise the cynical.
Christ’s return will shock those who never thought it would happen.
     Skeptics will be jolted into reality by an unanticipated Wrathful Judge.

Heaven will surprise the incredulous.
The death of death, the burial of heartache, the destruction of pain—
          these miracles will be more than unbelievers ever thought possible.

Judgment will surprise the rebellious.
Doomsday will be a shock with no remedy—panic will be pointless.
     Apostates expect a lamb, not a Lion—revelation will be an eye-opener!

Victory will surprise the pessimistic.
The Servant King rode a donkey into old Jerusalem to die—
          the King of kings will ride a white charger into new Jerusalem to rule.
     His war to end all wars will astonish those who had given up on peace.
     Whatever happens on earth, never give up hope—your King is coming.
     Begin the celebration today—and heaven will not be a surprise party!                                          


                                                     (c) Johnny R. Almond 
                     Pastor, Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
                     Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 


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Monday, January 24 2022


                    Now therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts: Consider your ways.
                                                          Haggai 1:5 MLB

Life University curriculum consists of God-designed courses.
     It is time for serious self-examination—a check-up on our progress.

Perseverance—Are we hanging in there with Jesus?
     When the fight gets fierce, do we cringe and run for cover?
     Memo from the Master—Endure cross splinters, and wear a crown.

Priorities—What is highest on our personal agenda?
     Working hard to build our kingdom?  At a standstill advancing Christ’s?
     Memo from the Master—Realign priorities, placing God over all else.

Purpose—Where are we headed?
     Do we sing “To God be the Glory” then live “great things I have done”?
     Memo from the Master—Life has no nobler purpose than Christ.

Passion—What gets us hustling?
     Are we lackadaisical, or enthused and zealous for our Savior’s cause?
     Memo from the Master—You are My ambassador, so represent Me well.

Perspective—What are we hoping for?
     More concerned with earthly things than heavenly realities?
     Memo from the Master—Let heaven be uppermost in your mind.

Purity—How is our heart?
     Is Jesus our Center of Gravity or just another line in our creed?
     Memo from the Master—Internalize and practice My Word 24/7.

Peace—Are we working for harmony?
     Are we kind and merciful to others, the way God has been to us?
     Memo from the Master—Calm life’s troubled sea by a tranquil lifestyle.

If we learn lessons well and apply them carefully, we will graduate with honor.


                                                © Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                            Day 302, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, January 18 2022

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has appointed me to preach Good News to the poor.
                          He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,
that the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors,
                                     and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.
                                                       Luke 4:18-19 NLT

Jesus’ plan will include a new earth for the meek.

Saints are ignored by big shots now, but one day they’ll be on the front row. 

The Great Reversal will turn everything around and right side up.

Big wheels rule the world now, but God’s favorites will reign in paradise. 

When the Lord lives with the humble-hearted, crying and pain will disappear. 

When God makes his home on earth, death and evil will be forever history.

The world mistreats God’s children now, but He will save us from oppression.


Jesus’ peace will bring elation to the believing.

The Day of all days will make heaven’s blessings evident to the universe.

Glory will cascade ecstasy through the heart of every trusting soul.

The beauty of heaven will replace the ashes of earth’s disappointments.

The joy of Jesus’ company will transcend heartache of earth’s discouragement. 

The praise of his love will cancel loneliness of earth’s despair.

The world breaks hearts of his disciples now, but He will save us from sadness. 


Jesus’ Presence encourages the desperate.

Can’t get it all together?  Ready to give up the noble quest?  About to quit?

Seek his face and listen to his voice and you will find strength to go on.

Listen to God’s future melody and you can dance by faith here and now.

When perplexities crowd our heart, his consolations cheer our soul.

Just when we need him the most, He is there for us.

With Jesus on our side, we’re richer than we think—He saves us from poverty.

Jesus’ power extricates the shackled.

Jesus is the key to freedom—He alone can emancipate us from sin.

A lifestyle of rebellion imprisons the soul—a lifestyle of obedience frees.

Fettered in a dark cell?  Let his sunshine set you free and you’ll leap with joy.

Resolve and dogged determination only go so far—He saves us from addiction. 

Jesus’ promise opens the eyes of the blind.

Without seeing him, we follow him by faith—one day we’ll meet face to face.

Eyes of the heart see things as they will be, not as they are now. 

Faith is an eye-opening experience, giving confidence of ultimate victory.

Believing we’ll at last see him motivates us to purify our heart to get ready.

The world will go up in smoke, then the New Jerusalem will materialize.

Painting a mural of heaven on condemned building?  Jesus saves from despair. 




© Pastor Johnny R. Almond

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Monday, January 10 2022


There are different kinds of service in the church, but it is the same Lord we are serving. 

A spiritual gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church.

1 Corinthians 12:5, 7 NLT


Christ’s church exists to worship Him.

     He is glorified when his children sing his praises wholeheartedly. 

     Humbling ourselves in his Presence—

          we acknowledge that God is our Creator and Master;

          we submit to his guidance and sincerely follow his lead;

          we thank him for rich blessings He showers on us day by day;

          we honor his name in our words, thoughts, and actions.

     We exalt Christ above everything, avoiding false gods of the heart. 


Christ’s church is designed to provide fellowship for his family.

     No saint should declare emotional independence from other saints.

     Every member needs help from other members—no one is an island.

     Jesus’ sheep flock together—love for him unifies and cheers our hearts. 

     God blesses his people with a kaleidoscope of gifts to build each other up. 

     We encourage others, showing sincere and loving interest in them.


Christ’s church is a school for his students.

     Disciples have different experiences, personalities and abilities;

          but we share one common need—to grow up in faith and grace.  

     Studying God’s’ Word, we try to live by the Book in our everyday lives. 

     Walking in God’s Light, we take one step at a time in life’s journey. 

     Reflecting on God’s Law, we obey his orders and set the pace for others.

     We educate all who enroll in Jesus University—there’s a lot to learn. 


Christ’s church is commissioned to share the best news every announced.

     Jesus died for the world’s sins so people wouldn’t have to experience hell.

     He rose again from the grave so people could be free from fear of dying. 

     Sowing Gospel seed in tears, we celebrate the harvest in joyful triumph.   

     We evangelize the world with a sense of urgency—time is ticking away.

Christ’s church is called to minister to others in his name.

     Our mission field is the world—compassion for others marks his servants. 

     Heartless service is useless service—love alone makes the difference.

     Shouldering our cross in the shadows of our Master, we serve the world. 

     We love beyond stained-glass windows—Christianity is made for the road.


                                                                  © Johnny R. Almond
                                 Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church


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