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Monday, October 25 2021

Woe to those who are at ease in Zion,
to those on the mountain of Samaria who are careless and feel secure.


Self-confidence comes so naturally to you.
     Reviewing your situation, you tell yourself “I have it made in the shade!”
     Complacency selects an address on Easy Street.
     Wealth shifts your attention from the church to the bank.
     Comfort isolates you from the cries of the poor.
     Pride distances you from those struggling just to eke out an existence.
     The American dream turns your life into an egotistical nightmare.

Your soft bed rocks you to sleep without a twinge of conscience—
     street people do not keep you awake.
Your lavishly-stocked pantry fills your stomach without worry—
     gluttony fattens you up while the hungry of the world starve to death.
Your comfortable house has become your security blanket—
     your welcome mat is not out for the homeless.
Your wine racks offer you much more than you need—
     charmed by sweet drinks, you have little thirst for My Spirit.

At ease, you take it easy—while the heartbroken struggle to survive.
     Lazy, you sleep away your existence—while the world goes to hell.
     Extravagant, you waste resources—while the poor rummage in dumps.
     Blind, you invest in things—while I urge you to invest in eternity.
     Careless, you are deaf to a roaring lion—while My Spirit warns you.

Believe it or not, I am your Only True Security.
     Realize you deeply need Me—and I will grant heavenly citizenship.
     Hunger and thirst for righteousness—and I will satisfy your soul.
     Be kind to people fighting a hard battle—and I will give you victory.
     Purify your heart—and I will permit you to see Me face to face.
     Work for peace—and I will proudly call you My child.
     Persevere in My service—and I will welcome you home.
     Treasure Me—and I will give your investment eternal dividends.
     Avoid the trap of luxury—and I will let you celebrate Love’s freedom.


                                                 (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                     Day 295,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity   

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Monday, October 18 2021

                       As soon as trouble comes, they will search for me.
                                               HOSEA 5:15 NLT

Sunshine, lollipops, and roses can create self-dependency.
     Feeling you have it made, you feel no need of Me.
     Riding high, you assume you can get by without the Most High.
     Supremely self-confident, you essentially put prayer on the shelf.

When the sun stops shining and storms roll in, you get serious with Me.
     When life turns bittersweet, you earnestly seek My face.
     When flowers fade and die, you go back to the eternal Book.
     Sensing you cannot survive on your own, you cry out for My assistance.
     Experiencing a low point, you try to make sense of it all through faith.
     Hurting deeply, you consult the Great Physician.

Sadness can actually be a doorway to ecstasy.
     Stoics take it on the chin and go on; Epicureans party and try to forget.
     Christians have a unique perspective—trouble is a chance for joy.
     When your faith is tested, fortitude has an opportunity to develop.

In a crucible, you learn a valuable lesson—strength is born in weakness.
     Insults do not change who you are—I know you, that is all that matters.
     Hard times will not destroy you—I care, and that will see you through.
     Opposition cannot separate us—I love you, and that will keep us friends.
     Calamities cannot kill you—I stand under you, and I will hold you together.
     Pressure from all sides will not crush the trusting soul.
     Perplexity will not cause the believing heart to drop out of the race.
     Getting knocked down will not keep persevering saints down for good.

Life is wonderful—overflowing with blessings all along the journey.
     But when there is trouble on the road, I am your Grand Support.
     Search for Me with all your heart—it will be worth all the trouble.
     Life is sweet and beautiful in many ways—there are many roses.
     Yet every rose has a thorn—that hurts, but that too, can be a blessing.


                                                  (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                     Day 293,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, October 11 2021



The people who know their God shall be steadfast and will accomplish notable feats.
                                               DANIEL 11:32 MLB

Wait on Me—be strong.
     Still your soul in My Presence, breathe deeply of My Spirit, and relax.
     Watch what I do with galaxies—let Me control the orbit of your life.
     Rely on Me when life is falling apart—stay calm in heavy traffic.
     Wait—soar over mediocrity, run from evil, walk beyond weariness.

Worship Me—be steady.
     If faith brings persecution, persist—hard times refine pure gold.
     Follow your Great Example, the One called Faithful and True.     
     In all circumstances be joyful, prayerful, thankful, clay in My hands.
     Worship—give Me your heart, and I will give you Mine.

Want My Word—be studious.
     Internalize eternal truths; uncompromisingly follow holy principles.
     Do not carry around opinions; be carried around by convictions.
     Be a true disciple—keep on obeying My teachings over your lifetime.
     Treasure the Bible—make it your Textbook for Living.

Work for Me—be sincere.
     The insincere lose heart and desert the ranks of My army.
     The sincere take heart and remain steadfastly enthused in My service.
     Realizing who your Boss is, work diligently—whistle while you work.
     Do quality work to please Me, not people—My smile will be your reward.

Watch your step—be successful.
     Temptation is a battleground—doggedly persist and we will win.
     In your weakness, hold My hand—I will keep you from stumbling.
     One day you will be like Christ—make a conscious effort today.
     Watch your step—walk in Jesus’ footsteps and truly succeed.
     The strategy for victory is profoundly simple—continue


                                              (c)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                   Day 292, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 


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Monday, October 04 2021


As my vision continued that night, 
I saw someone who looked like a man coming with the clouds of heaven.
He approached the Ancient One and was led into his presence.
He was given authority, honor, and royal power over all the nations of the world,
so that people of every race and nation and language would obey him.
His rule is eternal--it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed.

                                          DANIEL 7:13-14 NLT

In the future the Son of Man will be revealed as the Son of God—
     My Right-hand Man, returning on the clouds of heaven.
     When His full character is unveiled, believers will breathe a sigh of relief.
     When His unquestionable authority is revealed, saints will leap for joy.

The Lamb turned Lion will be an awful revelation to an incredulous world.
     His piercing eyes will see right through all pretense and hypocrisy.
     His almighty feet will walk all over enemies of righteousness.
     His divine voice will thunder out proclamations of justice and truth.
     His authoritative arm will wield a sharp sword to cut away falsehood.
     His victorious hands will hold the keys of death and the grave.
     Gentle Jesus will shock people who forgot accountability to Him as Judge.

Worldly warring kingdoms will become the Messiah’s peaceful kingdom.
     Memories of chaos, anxiety, and turmoil will never haunt the redeemed.
     Cemeteries and hospitals will no longer be needed by the glorified.
     Loneliness will disappear in the fellowship of celebrative hearts.
     Millions will worship Him and sing His praises with liberated hearts.
     My servants will worship and serve Me with joyful hearts.

Current events disturb you, but the future perfect tense will delight you.
     Believer, you are destined to be part of Christ’s indestructible kingdom!
     Live gratefully, humbly, and reverently until earth’s nightmare is over.
     Jesus will reign over the new earth—heaven’s dream will come true.


                                     (c)  Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                           Day 291,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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