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Wednesday, March 27 2019

Finally, I confessed all my sins to you and stopped trying to hide them.
I said to myself, “I will confess my rebellion to the Lord.”
And you forgave me!  All my guilt is gone.
Psalm 32:5 NLT

     When you attempt to cover up your sins, I uncover them and you experience heaviness of guilt. Remorse makes you miserable—to say the least, you’re having a really bad day!

     When you uncover your sins in My Presence, I cover them and you experience happiness of grace. Forgiveness frees you when your sin is out of My sight and out of My mind. I bury your transgressions in the deepest ocean and forget them. Honest with Me, you know firsthand the joy of a close relationship. Deeply sorry for what you have done and openly confessing your sins to Me, you delight in My pardon and enjoy the pleasure of My company. 

     Admitting your failures to Me relieves the pressure of guilt and removes the mask of self-righteousness. Sin forgiven, guilt dissolved, your heart sings again.

     People often try to hide their iniquities in a secret closet. But wisdom gained in the crucible of experience teaches you that concealing your sins leads to unrest and fear, while confessing and renouncing them brings mercy and peace. 

     You can run, but you can’t hide—you cannot conceal sins from Me. If you try, you only increase your guilt feelings. The way I deal with sins is a different story. When I forgive you, you are free.  When I cleanse your heart, you joyfully celebrate. When I grant you the righteousness of My Son, you can stand tall. When I liberate you from evil habits, you can dance freedom’s jig.

     You have no goodness of your own—My holiness is your only hope.  My unfailing love and merciful kindness opens the door to heaven. All else you depend on paves a dead-end road. I do far more than cover your transgressions; I take them away—and not just a long way, infinitely.

     When guilt feelings return or temptation resurfaces, I am your Hiding Place.  When you’re searching for the right way, I am your Guide. Be transparent in My Presence and be transformed. Confession really is good for your soul.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond; Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, March 18 2019

Teach us to count up the days that are ours, and we shall come to the heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12 TNJB

Trustworthiness is the heart of My authenticity.

If you want to learn who I am, I would love to enlighten you.

Genuine philosophers find Ultimate Reality and Meaning in Me.

I reveal My true nature to all who search for Me wholeheartedly.

I am the God with a heart—I am kind to the heartbroken.

I am the Perfect Hiding Place—I shelter you in life’s storms.

I am your Home.

Transience is the heart of your awareness.

If you want to learn who you are, I would love to instruct you.

Mortality and realism go hand in hand—tempus fugit.

A millennium and a minute are no different in My mind.

Are seven or eight decades enough for you to learn your limits?

You are human.

Timelessness is the heart of My agelessness.

If you want to learn the proper response to Me, I would love to tell you.

From once upon a time to living happily ever after, I am God.

You cannot fathom My plan, but I have planted eternity in your heart.

I am the Only One Who Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been.

Let My transcendence move you to humility.

Transformation is the heart of attitude adjustment.

If you want to learn to live purposefully, I would love to guide you.

Pray as you go—live wisely in the light of eternity.

Complete submission to Me is the only path to happiness.

Teaching is the heart of My arithmetic.

If you want to learn the best use of life, I would love to teach you.

Like a coin, you can spend life any way you like—but only once.

Take the responsibilities I have given you seriously—carpe diem.

Take heaven’s wisdom to heart.

Time management is eternally important—be clock wise.


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond;  Day 224 Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, March 11 2019

People will come from east and west, and from north and south,
and sit down [feast at table] in the kingdom of God.

From here to eternity . . .

I give you time to prepare for My return, and to bear fruit for My cause.

The Gardener is giving you a chance to produce—do not disappoint Me.

If you want to be fruitful, stay close to My heart.

Today is the day of service—if you intend to be serious, now’s the time.

This is a limited-time offer—opportunities will not last forever.

In light of your accountability, make a conscious effort to please Me. 

Purify your heart and give Me your best, to avoid being embarrassed.

If you’re not ready when the banquet begins, you’ll be filled with regret.

Behind the scenes . . .

Tiny seeds planted in human hearts are growing into trees of righteousness.

Yeast of positive influence is expanding and transforming lives of believers.

Those RSVPing yes to My invitation are enjoying the pleasure of My company.

The Great Reversal . . .

Now and then will make all the difference in the world—

     beggars scrounging for scraps will be seated at the head table;

     VIPs will be turned away from the heavenly banquet.

The new world I create will turn everything right side up for a change.

The meek – trampled on now by business tycoons – will inherit the earth.

Those despised by big shots will weep tears of joy as they feast with Me.

There’s a great day coming . . .

There is a lot wrong with the world now, but I will make everything right.

Disease and disability are common in a fallen world—evil hurts people.

The original source of illness is the evil one, but his days are numbered.

I am more powerful than the Devil or disease—My return will prove it.

When I reign as Sovereign over the new earth—

     the blind will see the beauties of paradise restored; 

     the deaf will hear human voices and sounds of nature;

     the lame will leap like a deer gamboling through a springtime meadow;

     the mute will shout for joy and sing My praises;

     heartache will be canceled forever by the gladness of heaven.

Abraham will be there – moving over, finally home.

Isaac will be there – enveloped by light, enjoying the perfect day.

Jacob will be there – wrestling done, celebrating the dawn.

Daniel will be there – prayers finished, reveling in My answer.

Believers from all countries will be there – speaking the language of love.

The festivities will never end


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Author Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Tuesday, March 05 2019

The Savior’s Ministry

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has appointed me to preach Good News to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,

that the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors,

and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.

Luke 4:18-19 NLT

My plan will bring a new earth for the meek.

You’re ignored by big shots now, but one day you’ll be on the front row. 

The Great Reversal will turn everything around and right side up.

Big wheels rule the world now, but My favorites will reign in paradise. 

When I live with the humble-hearted, crying and pain will disappear. 

When I make My home on earth, death and evil will be forever history.

The world mistreats My children now, but I will save you from oppression.

My peace will bring elation for the believing.

The Day of all days will make My blessings evident to the universe.

Glory will cascade ecstasy through the heart of every trusting soul.

The beauty of My heaven will replace ashes of earth’s disappointments.

The joy of My company will transcend heartache of earth’s discouragement. 

The praise of My love will cancel loneliness of earth’s despair.

The world breaks hearts of My disciples now, but I will save you from sadness. 

My Presence encourages the desperate.

Can’t get it all together?  Ready to give up the noble quest?  About to quit?

Seek My face and listen to My voice--then  you’ll find strength to go on.

Listen to My future melody and you can dance by faith here and now.

When perplexities crowd your heart, My consolations cheer your soul.

Just when you need Me most, I will be there for you.

With Me at your side, you’re richer than you thin--I save you from poverty.

My power extricates the shackled.

My Holy Spirit is the key to freedom--I alone can emancipate you from sin.

A lifestyle of rebellion causes addiction, but a lifestyle of obedience frees.

Fettered in a dark cell?  Let My sunshine set you free and you’ll leap with joy.

Resolve and dogged determination only go so far, but I save you from slavery. 

My promise opens the eyes of the blind.

Without seeing Me, you follow Me by faith--one day we’ll meet face to face.

Eyes of the heart see things as they will be, not as they are now. 

Faith is an eye-opening experience, giving confidence of ultimate victory.

Believing you’ll at last see Me motivates you to purify your heart to get ready.

The world will go up in smoke, then the new Jerusalem will materialize.

Painting a mural of heaven on a condemned building? I save you from despair. 

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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