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Monday, June 27 2022

The Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are so upset over all these details!

There is really only one thing worth being concerned about.

Mary has discovered it—and I won’t take it away from her.”

Luke 10:41-42 NLT

Distracted by trivial pursuits? My Kingdom is life’s noblest quest.

     Beside yourself? You are better off beside Me.

     Falling apart? Fall on your knees.

     Wringing your hands? Take My hand and I will take good care of you.

     Worried sick? Follow My prescription for excellent health.

Give careful attention to My words—wiser than Satan’s propaganda.

     Rest in green meadows of trust—calmer than the world’s rat race.

     Relax beside peaceful streams—better than the comfort of noise. 

     Walk obedient paths—more honorable than rebellious detours.

     Live fearlessly, even in death’s shadow—bolder than bravado.

     Enjoy the pleasure of My company—sweeter than sin’s temporary thrill.

Stay close to My heart and avoid the stranger from hell out to hurt you.

     The evil one wants to steal enthusiasm, kill joy, and destroy influence.

     I want to give you high purpose, invulnerable joy, and eternal impact.

Sit at My feet—let Me settle down and be at home in your heart.

     I am your Most Honored Guest—give Me your undivided attention.

     Do not fret over the work you must do, turning life into a long rush hour.

Worship begins with silence—hush so you can hear My voice.

     If you ever hope to really get to know Me, you will have to slow down.

     If you yearn to find deep rest, I can teach you how to relax.

More than self-confidence, you need faith in your Savior.

     More than Scripture memorization, you need devotion to the Living Word.

     More than assent to My claims, you need intimacy with your Master.

     More than regimented obedience, your need genuine love for your Lord.

     More than zealous hectivity, you need heartfelt loyalty to your heart’s King.

     More than dead-end legalism, you need to walk the high road with Christ.

To-do list impossible? Fragmented? Going in circles, getting nowhere?  

     I can calm your restlessness and give you proper direction.

     Let Me vector your mind and heart in the direction of the cross—

          only then will you make spiritual headway.

     Concern yourself with one absolute essential—relationship with Me—

          only then will your life make sense. 


 Gentle Whispers from Eternity           W                 © by Johnny R. Almond                          

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Monday, June 20 2022



                                             If anyone wants to come after Me                                     

                                                        he must deny himself,

                                                  take up his cross day after day

                                                               and follow Me.

                                                               Luke 9:23 MLB


If you want an extraordinary life, you must make extraordinary choices.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you will have to stand up for Me.

If you yearn to reside in the highlands, you must move out of the swamp. 

Self-denial is not the way of the world, but it is the way of true wisdom.

“What’s in it for me?” worldlings ask—“How can I help you?” is better. 

Epicureans party and make merry, but they live empty and pointless lives. 

My followers cry their heart out over sin, then live rich and meaningful lives.

The cross is I, crossed out—your ego put in its place in the light of Calvary.

Egocentricity paves the road to hell, but self-sacrifice reflects heaven’s heart.

Cross-bearing is the last thing most want, but it is the first thing I ask of you.

Egotists hold life tightly, then miss the deeper meaning of existence.

My followers lose themselves in My service, and discover true significance.

Shouldering a cross means splinters, reminding you of My sacrificial love. 

Initial enthusiasm often dies when trouble hits, but real disciples persevere.

Discipleship means following Me, your Master, wherever I lead.

Do not run from suffering—it is part of the territory of obedience.

I endured excruciating pain for you—now it is your turn to hang in there.

Who you say I am determines your staying power—conviction keeps going. 

Follow Me not just on some ideal future day—today is the day of service. 

Avoid procrastination of life’s most serious business—seize the day!

A selfish, warped world is out to get all it can for itself.    

But I call you by My Holy Spirit to live a better life—for Me, for others.

Do not begin all your prayers with I — do not conclude them with me.

I did not expect to be waited on hand and foot—neither should you.

I am your Example—do you really think you are too good to live My way?

Move beyond your own wants—consider the needs of your neighbors. 

Avoid exclusive focus on personal ambition—think of others’ agonies. 

Determine in your heart to go with Me all the way to the cross.

Do not pay attention to the crowd’s ridicule or waving palm branches—

     just ride your little donkey as best you can. 

Even in pain and loneliness—even when it gets rough—keep following.

The Via Dolorosa was not a cake walk—following Me has not gotten easier.

But if you walk in the steps of My wounded feet, you will never regret it.



© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                           Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, June 13 2022


Why am I discouraged?  Why so sad?

       I will put my hope in God!
                  I will praise him again—
my Savior and my God!

           Psalm 42:11 NLT

     In your grief, surrender through your trials.
Crying sad tears as society scoffs at faith’s radical perspective? Heartbroken as skeptics make fun of your optimistic creed? Sighing and singing blues as cynics deride your hopeful stance? Wondering where I am as atheists question My existence? Return to Me.

     In your grappling, search through your trouble.
Thirsty for significance in a world experiencing spiritual drought? Reach out for Me. Yearn for My Presence as a deer pants for the brook. Do not settle for anything less than infinite joy. I do not ration My Holy Spirit—it cascades from My heart to yours—drink deeply at the Fountain.


     In your gladness, sing through your travels. Nostalgic about how it used to be? Reflecting on good old days when crowds celebrated My love? Remember high points of worship. Conduct therapeutic self-talk—respond to disturbing inner voices. When you are down-in-the-mouth, place your hope in your Creator.  Fix your eyes on your Face Healer—I will put a smile on your face. Reflect on your relationship to the One who will always be here for you.


     In My goodness, struggle through your tension. Whatever disturbs or dismays you will pass, but I never change at all. Look forward to looking back on whatever has worried you on earth. Remembered from eternity’s perspective, difficulties will be blessings. Heartaches are steppingstones along an upward-winding trail. Be patient and poised—heaven will never be surprised by any emergency.

     Trust My guidance and unfailing love—gladly sing My praises. Faith quakes will stop. Storms will subside. The sun will shine again. Rely on Me—       nestle near My loving heart. In your midnight hour, believe in Me and you will hear nocturnal echoes of heaven’s melody of hope. Trust Me, no matter how sad life gets—then you can dance the jig of joy. Remember what a Jewish girl named Etty Hillisum wrote in her diary as she endured a World War II concentration camp: “There will always be a small patch of sky above, and there will always be enough space to fold two hands in prayer.”


         In My grace, smile through your tears. 

                   © Pastor Johnny R. Almond                    Day 207, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, June 06 2022


                                                                        We know how dearly God loves us, 
                                          because he has given us the Holy Spirit
to fill our hearts with his love.

                                                                                                    Romans 5:5 NLT


Faith is the key to heaven’s infinite resources

     unlocking a treasure chest enriching the depths of your innermost being. 

Jesus’ redeeming cross work brings forgiveness of sins to contrite hearts.

His death in your place makes friendship possible with your Creator.

Kneeling in repentance and trust, you enter a place of highest privilege—

     ruled by the King of kings, loved and cared for as the apple of God’s eye,

     inseparably united to the Sovereign of the universe.

Explore these deep treasures placed in your heart—live humbly.


Hope in God’s promises is a powerful antidote to the poison of despair.

Looking around can be discouraging, but looking forward lifts your spirit.    

Faith is more than believing I can—it is knowing I will.

Rest assured I will keep My Word—the future is as bright as My promises. 

Listen to hope’s future melody—laugh cheerfully in anticipation of heaven.

In the meantime—until glory materializes—dance to heaven’s jig of joy.

The Bright Morning Star shines in your heart—live confidently.


Joy in problems is a precious alleviation for the pain of despondency. 

Adversity University teaches valuable lessons you’d never learn otherwise.

Hang in there—character-building experiences draw you nearer Me.

My Spirit cascades through your personality bringing out-of-this-world joy. 

I intend to finish what I started in your life—enjoy the divine process.

The Mighty God energizes your heart—live delightfully


Peace in perplexity is a practical answer to the puzzle of distress.

Pressure will not crush you;  perplexity will not make you give up and quit;

     and getting knocked down will not stop your forward progress 

     if you follow My recipe for peace—

          pray about everything, and thank Me for answers;

          in response I will guard your mind and heart by thoughts of My Son. 

Peace is My gift—something the world cannot give or take from you. 

When perplexing cares crowd your inmost self, I am near to cheer your soul. 

When anxieties fill your mind, I am near to comfort and renew your faith.

The Prince of Peace reigns in your heart—live calmly.


Love in My Presence is priceless assurance in the pressures of doubt. 

I have marked you as belonging to Me by placing My Spirit in your heart.

Adam’s family line brings death, but Christ’s family line brings life.

Celebrate your identity, call Me Father, and count on your Greatest Friend.        

The name of the eternal city is The Lord Is There—that is why it is heaven

The Everlasting Father lives in your heart—live optimistically. 



                                                             © Pastor Johnny R. Almond

                                              Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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