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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church

From the Pastor’s Heart

Feburary 2023

It’s good to take a break now and then. When we’re tired or in a rut—a little worn out from doing the same thing repeatedly, it’s good to push the pause button.

That’s what we did in January with the Wednesday evening activities. The choir took a well-deserved break, after rehearsing and singing beautiful music for Advent

and Christmas. Betty took a break from organizing and preparing the fellowship meal, following months of her labor of love. We took a break from prayer and Bible study,

giving time to reevaluate the approach we’ve been taking in studying the Bible. 

With the new month of February, we’re restarting these activities. Edie is inviting the choir to return to practice. Betty is planning menus, except for the

first Wednesday night which is potluck. And, prompted by suggestions from a couple of church members, I’m planning to try a new approach to Scripture study.

Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World by Max Lucado, a favorite author of many Christians, will be our basis for discussion.  We’ll watch a segment on DVD

taught by Max, then review the meaning and seek ways to apply the truths in our everyday life. 

Though a January break has been good, I’ve personally missed these reenergizing times. I’m hoping to see you February 1st—singing in the choir, sitting at a table in the fellowship hall, and joining others in reviewing how to find calm in this crazy world. 

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