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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church

From the Pastor’s Heart

Easter is the high and holy day of the Christian church—a time we celebrate our Savior’s victory over death, and his gift of eternal life.

The living Lord strengthens us for living, teaches us to sing in hard times, and blesses us with a fulfilling purpose – if we let him carry, comfort, and control us.

“The LORD GOD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.”  (Isaiah 12:2 NLT).  This verse gives us some answers we can live with.

How can we go on when we feel like giving up?  How can we face another day when we don’t even want to get out of bed?
    God’s power is the answer to our problem of weakness.
    We can accomplish everything Christ asks of you if we rely on his grace.
     We can survive harrowing situations if we trust him.
     We can be ready for anything the future holds if we lean hard on him. 
     We can conquer self-destructive habits if we depend on the Holy Spirit.
     We can avoid self-pitying quicksand if we stand on the Rock of Ages.
     We can hang in there when we’re bone-tired and weary if we pray.
     We can persevere until the finish line if we stay focused on the cross.
     We can be stronger than we feel achievable if we let Jesus carry us. 

How can we celebrate when the world is falling apart?  How can we rejoice even in the midst of discouraging circumstances?
    God’s peace is the answer to our problem of woe.
     We can be optimistic about a bright future if we believe his promises.
     We can learn to dance for joy even on cloudy days if we follow his lead
     We can have cascading joy in a sad world if we drink of his Spirit.
     We can get over singing the blues if we listen to heaven’s toe-tapping jazz.
     We can know peace in pandemonium if we keep our mind on Christ
     We can be happier than we think possible if we let Jesus comfort us. 

How can we find real significance in a society playing trivial pursuit?  How can we make God’s dream for our life come true?
    God’s purpose is the answer to our problem of wandering.
     We can find an exciting reason for living if we honor the King of kings.
     We can be resurrected above narcissistic culture if we bury our ego. 
     We can aim for goals death cannot kill if we think vertically.
     We can be nobler than we deem attainable if we let Jesus control us.

Every Sunday we celebrate our living Lord.  Because He lives—every day we find strength to meet life’s responsibilities, joy to counteract trouble, and a noble purpose for living. 
     We believe in the resurrection—not only physically in the afterlife, but spiritually in this one.

    Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
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