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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church

From the Pastor’s Heart



                Many people these days are suffer from “COVID Fatigue”—not from contracting the virus, but from constant exposure to the news about cases, deaths, the search for a vaccine, and statistics. When this is combined with economic worries and chaos on the eve of a presidential election, it causes restlessness.

                Second Samuel chapter fourteen tells the story of a woman who had a reputation for great wisdom who visited with David to reason with him about being reconciled with his son Absalom. In the course of her conversation with him, she said, “the word of my lord the king will bring me rest.”   

                We live in a wordy world—talk shows talk subjects to death; news commentators debate perspectives ferociously; fast-talking commercials drive us crazy.  Often we hear discouraging words, despairing words, depressing words. Where can we find restful words?

                The heart of the Lord Jesus Christ is a sanctuary of peace and quiet. The shadow of His wings is a shelter from the storms of life.  Nestling near his heart brings peace undiscoverable elsewhere. If we turn our anxiety into prayers—telling God what we need and thanking God for all He has done—God will command battalions of angels to encircle us and guard our mind from despair. His joy is the antidote to our jitteriness. His royal word brings us rest.

                When we are tired and worn out, looking to the King of life renews vitality.   

                When we humble our self in the presence of the King of kings, we find supernatural help.    

                When we bring our aggravations to the King of peace, we recover balance.

                 When we rely on the King of love, we find the grace we need.                 

ugustine wrote “Our hearts are made for Thee, O God, and we are restless until we rest in Thee.” Jesus still invites us to come to him and find rest.  We act foolishly when we search for rest for our souls anywhere else. Listening to the word of our Lord the King sets our heart at rest.     

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