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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church

From the Pastor’s Heart.

October 2022
     I am very thankful for the faithful members of the church—people who professed their faith and practice it, believers who consistently attend worship services, disciples who sincerely follow Christ. These folks not only say they love the Lord, they prove it by the lives they live and demonstrate it by making their way to His church whenever they possibly can.
     On the other hand, I am concerned that some people who joined the church have, for some reason,  given up their connection with the work and worship of God. They enthusiastically confessed their faith, but no longer fight the good fight of faith. Sadly, I ask myself why there are many spiritual dropouts. I wonder. . .
     Did the church fail to adequately train new converts about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ?  Was Christianity 101 not enough to prepare them to persevere in obedience over the long haul?
Did some get baptized and join the church on the tide of a group movement, instead of a personal decision?
     Did they think of church as a congenial club instead of a heroic campaign for Christ's great cause?  
     Has God-ignoring, Christ-rejecting society influenced them to think more of earth and themselves, less of heaven and others?
     Did they begin the faith journey thinking it was a romantic adventure, then give up when the road got rough?                
     Did they fail to practice daily Bible reading and prayer, the source of inspiration and strength to continue?  
     Did they drop the habit of worshiping with others each week, and become discouraged hermits?
     Did they despairingly conclude that Jesus Christ is not the answer to the needs of the human heart, then stop honoring him by active involvement in His church?
I wonder . . .

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