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Monday, February 22 2021

                  Set me as a seal upon thine heart . . . for love is strong as death.
                                        SONG OF SOLOMON 8:6  KJV

Once upon a time—
     Before I whispered stars into being, locked planets in proper orbits,
          designed intergalactic traffic patterns,  set sun and moon in place,
          painted hopeful sunrises and victorious sunsets,
          or suspended the big blue marble you call home in space—
          I loved you with an everlasting love.
     I am the God with a heart—I am Love.
     I love you with a love that began eons before you did.
     My love for the world and for you is the greatest love story ever told.

It is a true story—no truer words were ever spoken than My promises.
     I am constructing far more than a honeymoon cottage.
     Heaven on earth will materialize—your home will not disappoint you.

It is a sacrificial story—no one ever loved you like My Son Jesus.
     He proved the depth of His love for you at a place called Skull Hill.
     Crucified by hateful hands, Jesus loved the world to His final breath.

It is a tender story—you are engaged to be married to your soul’s Lover.
     My Holy Spirit entering your heart was My first kiss.
     Cascading through your inner being is a Fountain of eternal love.

It is a hopeful story—I seal your heart in love, so you are Mine eternally.
     The King of hearts will host the Lamb’s celebrative wedding banquet.
     Nothing in the world can keep heaven’s dream for you from coming true.

It is a sweet story—your Heavenly Bridegroom’s love encircles you.
     My everlasting arms embrace you and nestle you near My heart.
     My love is infinitely patient, incredibly kind, and perfectly jealous.

It is a never-ending story—My love for you will last forever.
     I have always loved you, and I always will.
     Accept My love—and live happily ever after.


                                  (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                         Day 260,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, February 15 2021

Warner Sallman  Head of Christ 


You’re beautiful from head to toe, my dear love,
beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless.



My heartfelt desire for you is that you reflect My beauty in every way.
     My heart yearns for you to be holy and pure in thoughts and deeds.
     My dearest dream for you is that you become like My Son.

Christ gave Himself for you to cleanse and beautify you by His lifeblood.
     He paid an awful price to free you of sin’s addictive, destructive power.
     His challenging teaching is the highway to holy joy.
     His life is the example you must follow to make My dream come true.

Ultimately you will stand in My Presence—at last like your Lord.
     Until then, I expect you to struggle daily to become more like Me.
     Otherwise, My dream of love will turn into a grotesque nightmare. 

One day I will make earth heaven and restore it to its intended joy.
     One day I will establish a Kingdom where sin is an impossibility.
     Today I am hoping you will do a little dreaming of your own—
          attempting what some call an impossible dream—living like Jesus.

I will never stop working in you until you become what I want you to be—
     unblemished by sin, unwrinkled by sloth, absolutely perfect.

Let Me tell you more about My dream for you—
     that your smile would be strong with joy—unruffled by skepticism,
     that your face would be radiant with hope—unfurrowed by worry,
     that your eyes would be sparkling with peace—undisturbed by fear,
     that your chin would be high with dignity—unintimidated by anxiety,
     that your heart would delight in My company—undistracted by rivals,
     that your mind would revel in My words—unspoiled by verbiage,
     that your behavior would reflect Christ’s lifestyle—unaltered by ego,
     that My dream would become your own—undestroyed by ambition.

I will never give up on My dream for you—you must not give up either.
     Struggle on toward Christ’s perfection—sweet dreams.


                                   (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                           Day 259, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Monday, February 08 2021

                                               Grotfjord i Troms County,  Normay 

                                       A quiet spirit can overcome even great mistakes.
                                                          ECCLESIASTES 10:4

If you can maintain composure in the storm,
     sailing through troubled seas on an even keel—
     you can vindicate your faith in the Lord of your rocking boat.

Keeping a clear mind in chaos guides your soul into a calm harbor.
     Losing your head in anger gives the Devil a foothold.
     Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Halt!
     Patience and soft speech give Me room to work reconciling wonders.

A spiritual diet from the orchard of Spirit fruits enriches your life—
     love, not hate;  joy, not despair;  peace, not pandemonium; 
     patience,  not irritability;  kindness, not cruelty;  generosity, not selfishness;
     fidelity, not fickleness;  gentleness, not rudeness;  self-control, not panic.

I am the God of Order, not disorder.
     I am always composed—there are never any emergencies in heaven.
     The more orderly you are, the more you are like Me.
     The more you quietly trust Me, the more unruffled you will be.
     Let the Wonderful Counselor guide you through life’s maze,
          the Mighty God arm you for spiritual battles with evil,
          the Everlasting Father stabilize you in change,
          and the Prince of Peace calm you in chaos.

John Greenleaf Whittier expressed a real serenity prayer in his poem
     “The Brewing of Soma” from which is excerpted the hymn
          “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”:
          Drop Thy still dews of quietness, till all our strivings cease;
          Take from our souls the strain and stress, let our ordered lives confess
          the beauty of Thy peace.

Everything nailed down coming loose?  In My Presence—relax.


                                          (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                                  Day 258, Gentle Whispers from Eternity  

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Tuesday, February 02 2021

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

Stifle unfair judgment—or you could become an inveterate cynic.
     Unfair curses are boomerangs with incredible accuracy.

Accept My discipline—or you could reap a sad harvest of iniquity.
     You may not enjoy My correction, but it is the highway to holiness.

Use language carefully—or you could be ripped apart by word abuse.
     A habit of severe criticism cuts to the quick and comes back to haunt.

Refrain from proud self-evaluation—or you could implode your ego.
     Concern yourself with saving faith, not saving face.

Combat laziness—or you could excuse yourself right out of a job.
     Sleep your life away, and you might be asking for a handout.

Avoid pornography—or your thought patterns will be polluted.
     Do not revert to impure fantasies, or sexual sin may spoil love.

Stay out of others’ arguments—or get bit by a quarrelsome attack dog.
     Do not try to slay all dragons—stand by, and they will slay each other.

Do not be a jokester—or you could develop a reputation as a moron.
     Kidding around with truth is as dangerous as an insane sniper.

Keep your mouth shut—or you could be known as a verbal arsonist.
     Chewing on dainty gossip morsels can give your soul indigestion.

Make love your controlling principle—or deep-felt hate will ruin you.
     Pretending to be kind will not cover up malice for long.

Abstain from setting traps for others—or you will get snared yourself.
     Judging others sets you up for an onslaught of judgment.

You hold the Key to freedom in your heart—His name is Jesus.

(c) Johnny R. Almond 
Pastor, Hull's Memorial Baptist Church 
    Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity    

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