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Monday, April 30 2018

God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power.
Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the Devil, for God was with him.
Acts 10:38 NLT


Anointed by My Presence, you can conduct heaven’s serious business.

     When your mind and heart are controlled by My Holy Spirit, you can—

          care for people sacrificially, not just look out for your own interests;

          experience invulnerable joy, even in unpleasant circumstances; 

          stay calm under pressure, even if everything nailed down comes loose; 

          know peace you cannot explain, even in the eye of a storm;

          demonstrate kindness to everyone, including those with no time for you;

          be generous-hearted to the needy, giving freely as I have given you;

          stay faithful to My cause, though you may feel like quitting;

          treat others gently, out of gratitude for My gentleness with you;

          demonstrate supernatural self-control, taking the moral high ground.

     Do My business prayerfully.


Activated by My power, you will be up and running in an applied faith life.

     Independently of Me, you are powerless;  leaning on Me, you are powerful.

     My gospel is the greatest force – saving from hell, guaranteeing heaven. 

     My strength is unequaled – enabling you to survive any circumstance. 

     Depend on My unmatched omnipotence and soar higher than mediocrity.

     Trust My incomparable omniscience and run farther than temptation.

     Rely on My unfailing omnipresence and walk farther than faintheartedness.

     Do more than meditate—move;  do more than believe—behave. 

     Do My business practically.


Assisted by My pattern, you can know clearly what I expect of you.

     Jesus did not sit around doing nothing wrong – He went around doing good.

     There is a name for knowing what you ought to do and not doing it – sin.

     My work involves more than going in circles becoming a big wheel.

     If you really love Me, you will unquestioningly obey Me.

     If you sincerely follow Me, you will not stop when the road gets rough. 

     Do more than ask what would Jesus do?  Do it!

     Do My business promptly. 


Awed by My peace, you can stay on an even keel even on troubled seas.

     I am your Center of Gravity – your life’s government is in My hands.

     I am the Wonderful Counselor guiding you through perplexity’s maze.

     I am the Mighty God strengthening you for battles with the evil one.

     I am the Everlasting Father stabilizing you in changing situations.

     I am the Prince of Peace teaching you to how to relax even in chaos.

     Do My business peacefully.




© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Monday, April 23 2018


If you believe with all your heart [if you have a conviction, full of joyful trust, that Jesus is the Messiah

and accept Him as the Author of your salvation in the kingdom of God, giving Him your obedience, then] you may.

And he replied, “I do believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”



Walk in Jesus’ steps – suffer for His sake.

Want to live like Jesus? Then avoid sin, deception, and retaliation.

He was wounded for your transgressions, suffering for your sake.

The Via Dolorosa was not a cake walk – neither is the life of faith.

Want to follow Me? Then trade your selfish ambition for a cross.

When splinters pierce your shoulder, pray through trouble to My will. 

Obey though it is difficult, and I promise to make Myself real to you. 

Smile through your tears, believing the sun is shining on sorrow’s other side. 

Believe Me – keep running the race until you reach the finish line.

Wait on Jesus’ strength – soar for heaven’s sake.

Do not be like Simon – bitter, captivated by sin, greedy, egotistical.

Turn from all wickedness and turn  to Me – live a liberated life!

Let Me unlock evil’s handcuffs and you will experience ultimate freedom!

Unlike human beings, I do not ever get tired or worn out.

When you are exhausted and feel like quitting, find new strength in Me. 

Let My Spirit Wind enable you to soar above mediocrity.

     Care more than others think wise – have a heart!

     Risk more than others think safe – go out on a limb with Me! 

     Dream more than others think practical – envision what I can do!

     Expect more than others think possible – rest assured of My ability!

Believe Me – keep running the race with grace and dignity.

Worship Jesus your Savior – surrender for your sake.

Trust Me to forgive you – let Me make you right with your Creator. 

Abandon yourself to the Captain of the mighty hosts of heaven,

     yielding your allegiance to the King of kings until He reigns supreme. 

Let Me save you from the penalty of sin – you do not have to go to hell.

Let Me save you from the power of sin – I can break your bad habits. 

Let Me save you from sin’s presence – that will make heaven heaven. 

I can keep you from stumbling in the dark alleys of the sad world,

     and lead you by My Holy Spirit into a joyous light-filled world –

     if you will only let Me. 

Be flexible clay in the Potter’s hand and I will sculpt you into My image.  

Believe Me – keep running the race until you see My face.


© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, April 16 2018

The Perfect Tour Guide

I lovingly embrace you and faithfully carry you close to My heart. What difference does it really make? All the difference in the world! When you follow Me as your Shepherd, I take good care of you.


Hungry? I alone can satisfy your heart’s deepest hunger. Like a sheep after a satisfying meal, you lie down in a green meadow to take a nap—content.


Falling apart under stress? Take My hand—I will lead you by peaceful streams where you will not be frightened and you can enjoy My poise.


Tottering? Look to Me and find strength for life’s challenges—soar higher than mediocrity, run faster than temptation, walk farther than lethargy. Find renewed energy in the pleasure of My company.


Yearning to be holy? My paths are right and honorable—walk on them and grow in My likeness.


Troubled at the thought of dying? Do not fear—I am with you. I will protect and comfort you as you cross the dark valley to the city of light.


Encircled by foes? Take a seat at My table—enjoy a meal with Me.


Hurting? Divine hospitality cures your headache and heartache.


Unhappy? Look around—then look up and thank Me for the overflowing blessings in your life. I do not just hang one star in the sky—I spangle your nights with countless awesome constellations. I do not plant only a single flower for your viewing enjoyment—I arrange whole fields. I do more than toss you an occasional blessing—blessings cascade from My heart to yours day after day.


Feeling unloved in an uncaring world? Nestle near My heart, and My goodness and unfailing love will warm yours. It can indeed be a cold, cruel world—as I learned firsthand when I visited your tilted planet—but I am the heartwarming God.


Longing for permanence? Heaven on earth will bring you an unchanging address. Better than hope-so, maybe-so, guess-so talk—know-so confidence faces forever with unflinching faith in your Shepherd. I am your Center of Gravity—everything you need in time and in eternity.


Follow Me—I will get you home.

© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Day 200 Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Tuesday, April 10 2018

Were not our hearts greatly moved and burning within us while He was talking with us on the road
as He opened and explained to us the sense of the Scriptures?


Saddened by emptiness?

Obey Me, and I will make Myself real to you.

Trade a long face for a smile—be a good advertisement for the gospel.

I am your Source of Music—sing out for the entire world to hear.


Entombed by loneliness?

You are never alone—I walk alongside you on every road you travel.

When perplexing cares crowd your heart, I console and cheer you.

I am your Greatest Friend—you have not lost Me, so dance for joy.


Afraid of death?

Hear My reassuring voice and overcome Satan-coaxed anxiety.

Death Valley terror disappears as you realize shadows mean Light.

I am your Life—I will defeat all enemies, so count on ultimate victory.


Losing hope?

Open the eyes of your heart and envision My promised bright future.

Wait patiently for My new world to materialize—be brave-hearted.

I am your Center of Gravity—hide in Me and unflinchingly trust.


Perplexed by despair?

Guilt, death, hopelessness, angst, and gloom burden your heart.

Grace, vitality, hope, faith, mercy, and freedom bless your heart.

I am your Redeemer—hang on for dear life—all is well.


Walk life’s road with Me—and I will change dejection to delight,

skepticism to optimism, despair to hope, restlessness to tranquility,

depression to ecstasy, self-pity to praise, and doubt to worship.

I am your God--rest assured. 


© 2013 Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity



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Tuesday, April 03 2018

Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.

Matthew 28:20 NTME


I was with you yesterday—

In your naiveté, I guided you perfectly.

In your sincerity, I blessed you abundantly.

In your trouble, I sustained you gracefully.

In your rebellion, I convicted you mercifully.

In your doubts, I reassured you tenderly.

In your sickness, I healed you miraculously.

In your worry, I watched over you closely.


I am with you today—

In your sin, I forgive you compassionately.

In your discouragement, I buoy you helpfully.

In your sadness, I cheer you nearly.

In your responsibilities, I empower you supernaturally.

In your frustrations, I calm you peacefully.

In your loneliness, I accompany you lovingly.


I will always be there for you—

When the night depresses, I will be your Bright Morning Star.

When the morning dawns, I will still be with you—faithful as sunrise.

I will never leave you on your own, to your own devices.

I rose from the dead—I can help you with your big and little problems.

I triumphed over the tomb—I can give you victory over bad habits.

Every heartbeat, breath, step, hour, day, season—I will stand by you.

Until the end of the present earth—and beyond—I am by your side.

I am your Travel Guide—follow My directions carefully.

I am your Greatest Friend—enjoy the pleasure of My company.

No force can ever cancel My love for you—I guarantee it.

In sunshine and shadow, pain and pleasure, doubt and confidence—

You can be absolutely sure I am there for you—I promise.



© 2013 Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 312 – Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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