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Tuesday, November 26 2019

Just as the lightning flashes from the east and shines and is seen as far as the west,
so will the coming of the Son of Man be. Watch [be cautious and active]
for you do not know in what kind of a day your Lord is coming.

My return will be evident to skeptics—the end of the world for atheists.
Those who thought it would never happen will be convinced—too late.
My Presence will be as obvious as lightning lighting up the entire sky.
The Second Coming is more than a doctrine—it will really happen.
You can count on it—you have My Word.
The King’s return will be unmistakable.

My return will be exciting to saints—the ecstasy of worship for believers.
The King of kings will unite unsettled nations and rule the universe.
The surprise and shock will be more than many people can bear.
The Second Coming will bring the future perfect tense I have promised.
Everything will be transformed for the better when I put My foot down.
The King’s return will be unimaginably beautiful.

My return will be enlightening to the sincere—
    the encouragement of wonder for the redeemed.
The triumph of righteousness will obliterate the darkness of evil.
Constellations will fade in the light of the Bright Morning Star.
To the lost, My return will mean tragedy—outer darkness with no exit.
To the saved, My Second Coming will mean triumph—eternal light.
The King’s return will bring unending celebration.

My return will be embarrassing to the slothful—
     the exposing of waste to the lazy.
The unprepared will blush with shame—and cry tears of futile regret.
The King’s return, to them, will be uncomfortable—to say the least.
Are you surrendered to Me as your King? Then be subject to change!
Are you convinced I am actually going to return? Then live like it!
Are you persuaded you have an interview with Me? Then get ready!

(c) PastorJohnny R. Almond, Day 311 Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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Friday, November 22 2019

Be still, and know that I am God ... Selah.
Psalm 46:10a, 11b NIV

     Uncomfortable with silence? Addicted to the comfort of noise? Why not turn off all your gadgets, call a halt to your hectivity for a day, and ponder awhile what you are aiming for and why you are living? Acknowledge that I am totally, eternally, and irrevocably responsible for everything. Get out of fast forward mode—push the pause button…

     I am your Eternal Refuge in the storms of life. In difficulties, I am your Mighty Fortress. In faith quakes, I am your Rock. On high seas, I am your Captain. I am not a very absent help in time of trouble—I am your Invincible Hiding Place. Satan cannot disturb your rest when you are nestling near My heart. I am your Castle of courage—when you are humbly relying on My grace, NO FEAR is far more than a t-shirt motto. Exit bumper-to-bumper high-speed traffic—take a scenic route.

     In the turmoil of life’s hectic pace and pandemonium, pause and calmly think about Me—I calm your raging storms by My Presence.

     I am your Ecstatic Resource in the sorrows of life. I am your Delightful Festival of celebration, cascading your inner being with joy from the unseen river of My Holy Spirit. Perfect peace cures worry. Heaven-given patience slows hurry. Living Water quenches soul thirst. Jerusalem did not have a river, but it had the Lord Almighty. I was more than enough for them—and I am more than enough for you.

     In the trauma of life’s pain, pause and calmly think about Me—I cure your sadness by My peace.

     I am your Exalted Ruler in the struggles of life. I am the Prince of Peace who will transform unsettled nations into united nations, inspire warriors to become farmers, and halt senseless combat. Human solutions have not fixed the problems of planet Earth. The military solution has only aggravated international disputes. The economic solution has widened the gap between the rich and poor. The political solution has broken innumerable empty promises. The white-horse Rider who judges righteously is heaven’s Final Answer. I am your Dependable Future of confidence—brightening tomorrow.

     In the terror of life’s perplexity, pause and calmly think about Me—I cheer your soul by My promise.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Day 209 Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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