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Tuesday, May 30 2023

           Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.

                                               Matthew 28:20 NTME

I was with you yesterday

     In your naiveté, I guided you perfectly.

     In your sincerity, I blessed you abundantly.

     In your trouble, I sustained you gracefully.

     In your rebellion, I convicted you mercifully.

     In your doubts, I reassured you tenderly.

     In your sickness, I healed you miraculously.

     In your worry, I watched over you closely.

I am with you today

     In your sin, I forgive you compassionately.

     In your discouragement, I buoy you helpfully.

     In your sadness, I cheer you nearly.

     In your responsibilities, I empower you supernaturally.

     In your frustrations, I calm you peacefully.

     In your loneliness, I accompany you lovingly.

I will always be there for you

     When the night depresses, I will be your Bright Morning Star.

     When the morning dawns, I will still be with you—faithful as sunrise.

     I will never leave you on your own, to your own devices.

     I rose from the dead—I can help you with your big and little problems.

     I triumphed over the tomb—I can give you victory over bad habits.

     Every heartbeat, breath, step, hour, day, season—I will stand by you.

     Until the end of the present earth—and beyond—I am by your side.

     I am your Travel Guide—follow My directions carefully.

     I am your Greatest Friend—enjoy the pleasure of My company.

No force can ever cancel My love for you—I guarantee it.

     In sunshine and shadow, pain and pleasure, doubt and confidence,

          you can be absolutely sure I am there for you—I promise.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond             Day 312, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, May 22 2023

Without warning there was a sound like a strong wind—no one could tell where it came from.
It filled the whole building. 
Then, like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks 
and they started speaking in a number of different languages s the Spirit prompted them. 
Acts 2:2-4 THE MESSAGE

Let My Divine Wind blow through your life and cleanse you of iniquity.

     I sweep away moral trash if you turn your heart in My direction.

     I move you toward My will if you turn your heart away from all evil.

     I flood you with light if you firmly refuse to walk in perverse darkness. 

     I purify you if you let My holy hurricane roar through your inner being.

     I burn away all undesirable elements if you let Me baptize you with fire.

     I reassure you of My love if you nestle near My heart and detest sin.

     I give you joy too wonderful for words if you trust My omniscient mind.

Let My Vitalizing Breath ignite your passion and set your soul aflame.

     I resurrect you to new life if you desert your egocentric deadness.

     I soak you with My Spirit rain if you grow tired of emotional drought.

     I help the young envision a brighter future if you believe My promises.

     I help the old dream of a painless, tearless, deathless day if you trust Me.

     I let you find life’s noblest purpose if you serve Me wholeheartedly.

     I embolden you to live courageously if you hold My omnipotent hand.

Let My Holy Spirit change you from inside out and revolutionize your life.

     I cheer your heart if you become intoxicated with heaven’s sweet wine.

     I lead you to know the truth if you turn a deaf ear to Satan’s propaganda.

     I help you speak My native tongue if you are weary of the evil one’s dialect.

     I teach you to speak beautiful languages if you want to learn them—

       sacrificial love, not selfish talk; invulnerable joy, not ungrateful whining;

       calm peace, not restless chatter; lasting patience, not ignorant criticism;

       kindness, not insensitive small talk; lavish generosity, not stingy self-talk;

       dutiful loyalty, not dropout talk; angelic gentleness, not rude sarcasm;

       supernatural self-control, not indulgent devilspeak.

     I inspire spontaneous creativity if you do not extinguish My eternal flame.

     I energize you to do what pleases Me if you rely on My unlimited grace.

     I empower you to accomplish all I ask if you trust My almighty power.

     I grant you pleasure of my company if you seek My omnipresent Spirit.

I am able to do infinitely more than you could ever ask, wish, or imagine.   

     Pray your highest prayer—I will answer by sculpting you into My image. 

     Share your fondest dream with Me—I will make it come true in My time.

     I am your Center of Gravity—be sure you never stifle My Holy Spirit.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, May 15 2023

               Advancing God’s Kingdom

     When the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power

                    and will tell people about me everywhere—

in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

                                      Acts 1:8 NLT

My Kingdom is not a nation or territory protected by military forces.

It is not a government established and governed by political processes.

My reign is neither visible nor earthly—it is spiritual and heavenly.

I rule an eternal Empire of Love in believing human hearts.

I give you the honor of serving Me—work with enthusiasm. 

The Book of Acts is not a story of passive spectators, but active servants.

Carry on the unfinished task of zealously sharing My glorious gospel.

Worship Me, do not just admire Me; follow Me, do not merely be a fan.

Standing around staring at the sky waiting for My return? Get busy!

My business is the most serious you could ever possibly engage in.

I made you a Kingdom Advance Ambassador—make a conscious effort!

I am your Boss—work hard for Me, and do not try to impress people.

Avoid apathy—prove you sincerely love Me by passionate intensity.

I bless you with the help of My Spirit—wait for empowerment.

Want to soar above the world’s mediocrity? Rely on Almighty power. 

I can do infinitely more than your highest thoughts, wishes, or dreams.

Nothing is too hard for Me—grace turns impossibilities into miracles. 

I am your Counselor guiding you through life’s perplexing labyrinth.

I am your Helper enabling you to celebrate victory over the Adversary.

I am your Intercessor praying for you in life’s tiring and trying times. 

I am your Defense Counsel taking your side against the Accuser.

I am your Strengthener readying you for all the world may throw at you.

I am your Standby accompanying you every heartbeat, day and season.

You are powerless without Me, unproductive on your own.

Honor Me—succeed in My eyes and turn your world upside down.

Overcome weakness—never forget the critical importance of prayer.

I call you to tell the world of the hope of the Savior—witness to everyone.

I am the King of trusting hearts; I am the Sovereign of obedient minds.

Do your part to contribute to the ever-widening circle of My message of love. 

Time is in My hands and so is eternity—I will return in judgment.

Life is no dress rehearsal—repent while you can; advise others to do the same.

Conquer despair—spread news far and wide of My promised bright future.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                     Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, May 08 2023

Through thick and thin, keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, your Master.

Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are.

                                           1 Peter 3:15  THE MESSAGE


In a superficial world, heart-beauty is the meaning of character.

The madness of appearance is more concerned with looks than real life.

Ego can be senseless.

Practice the regimen of grace and be changed from the inside out.

     Value character above cosmetics—beauty is more than skin-deep.

     Be gentle and quiet—qualities I find more attractive than gold.

     Trust Me at all times—faith is lovelier than any face-lift.   

In a selfish world, helpfulness is the meaning of compassion.

The madness of apathy enthrones self and leaves no room for others.

Egotism is stupid.

Travel the boulevard of blessing.

     Seek unity and enjoy peace.

     Be courteous and increase your influence.

     Be kind to your enemies and demonstrate maturity I am looking for.

In a sinful world, holiness is the meaning of Christlikeness.

The madness of arrogance is self-centered and off-centered.

Egocentricity is sinful. 

Make a conscious effort to live a holy lifestyle.

     Run for all you are worth from anything that stimulates evil desires.

     Concentrate on anything that encourages you to do right. 

     Focus on faith, love and peace—avoid worry, hatred and discord.

In a scared world, hallelujah is the meaning of calm.

The madness of alarm is beside itself over personal safety.

Egomania is scared.

Discover the secret of My peace.

     Stay composed in the eye of the storm—unafraid of circumstances.

     Remain tranquil in chaos—unintimidated by terrorists.

     Trust Me in trouble—unruffled by adversity.

In a skeptical world, hope is the meaning of confidence.

The madness of atheism results in complete despair.

Ego trips are one-way, dead-end roads to hell. 

Avoid becoming a road worrier.

     I will have the last word—what I say goes.

     I will win the last war—what I do counts.

     I will have your lasting worship—who I am endures.

I am your Meaning in the madness—seek My wisdom for each day.


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Monday, May 01 2023


                                                    My times are in your hands.

                                                          Psalm 31:15 NIV

I am the Timeless God—holiness to cancel yesterday’s sins.

     My grace transforms your down-on-yourself guilt into upbeat gladness.

     I have not rejected you—I have given you Christ’s righteousness.

     You are a sinner by nature—you do not deserve or merit My love.

     My Son is perfect—He did not deserve what happened to Him at Calvary.

     Like Barabbas, it should have been you; instead, you are free.

     I am your forgiveness.

I am the Enough God—Hiding Place to calm today’s sorrows.

     I shelter you from accusing tongues, sustain you through distress,

          and save you from the addictive power of sin.

     I am your Time-out from the rat race and Anchor on high seas.

     When your daily schedule gets crazy and hectic, take a deep breath—

          breathe out worry about possibilities, breathe in worship;

          breathe out fear of contingencies; breathe in faith in My power.

     I am your Fortress.

I am the Unchanging God—hope to celebrate tomorrow’s surprises.

     In all the universe, I alone will always be who I have always been.

     I made promises I intend to keep—My faithfulness will not fail.

     Anticipate the ultimate fulfillment of My perfect plan—

          believe the overcast unknown will brighten in My time.

     Whatever change comes your way, rest assured I will keep My word.

     For the time being, rely on Me to lead you in honorable paths,

          rescue you from the evil one’s malicious strategies,

          and reinforce you to bravely move ahead.

     In your darkest times, keep believing in Light beyond light—

          follow your Guide across the fearful ravine to Tranquility Meadow.

     I am your future.

Count on My unchanging love to absolve your embarrassing past,

     accompany you on your present journey, and guarantee your heavenly home.  Place yesterday, today and tomorrow in My hands—

     then you can enjoy the time of your life!


© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                        Day 204, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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