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Monday, January 22 2024

While knowledge may make us feel important, it is love that really builds up the church.

Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much.

But the person who loves God is the one God knows and cares for.

                            1 Corinthians 8:1b-3 NLT

Smart alecks feel no need for God.

     Know-it-alls never seek wisdom flowing from above.

     Proud VIPs chasing personal agendas never kneel before Me. 

     Self-sufficient do-it-yourselfers see no need of heaven’s help. 

     Knowledge swells your head . . . love stretches your heart. 

     Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re really smart. 

     You, like all other human beings, have a lot to learn. 

     There are two lessons you need to learn very well—

          I am totally, eternally, irrevocably responsible for all.

               I am God, with wisdom found nowhere else.

          You are ultimately responsible to Me for the way you live. 

               You are not God, so you need wisdom to live rightly.

Narcissists feel no attraction to God. 

     Self-centered, they miss life’s true Center of Gravity.

     Wrapped up in themselves, they make a very small package.

     Concerned with their business, they have no time for Mine.

     Egomaniacal, they self-destruct in their own little world.

Humble believers feel love for God. 

     Proud minds resist grace . . . tender hearts receive it. 

     Recidivists run from My way . . . repentant souls cling to it. 

     Hard-hearted are ingrates . . . the forgiven sing My praises. 

     Self-reliant love themselves . . . the God-reliant love Me.   

     Humble hearts realize I know everything about them—

          habits, hang-ups, hopes;  roads untaken; unspoken words.

     The meek don’t know it all, but trust the One who does. 

     Reveling in My loving care, believers face the future joyfully.

     Holding My hand, My disciples walk the path of the best life. 

     Nestling near My loving heart, believers know real joy. 

     Following My lead, sheep of My fold find their way home. 

     Loving Me wholeheartedly, saints celebrate My Providence. 

     Giving Me all their cares, My children live carefree.   

     I know the hairs on your head, and the hurts in your heart.

     False gods do not care for you, but I do—trust Me and see. 


© By Pastor Johnny R. Almond             Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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