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Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
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Tuesday, January 16 2024


                I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need.
                                                        Philippians 4:13 NLT


Be cheerful in a sad world—mute negative melancholy with unfailing music.
     Celebrate My pardon—your name is indelibly registered as a citizen of heaven.
     Celebrate My Presence—at My side, there is joy too wonderful for words.
     Celebrate My peace—the world system cannot supply it; neither can it steal it.
     Celebrate My promise, one thing that is for sure—I will never forsake you.


Be calm in a chaotic world—replace negative worry with unquestioning worship.
     The cross is a plus sign in a negative world, changing everything for the better.
     Do less “what-if” supposing, more “leaning-on-everlasting-arms” reposing.
     I am in control—in charge behind chaos scenes, orchestrating the grand finale.
     Climb into My hammock—feel soothing wind of grace, and relax in My arms.


Be careful in a careless world—overcome negative ideas with unvarying truth.
     Want to be a person of integrity? Then reflect on timeless truth.
     Want to live honorably? Then meditate on honorable thoughts.
     Do not fall for Satan’s tiring old line that it does not matter what you think!

Be content in a greedy world—cancel negative whining by uncommon contentment.
     Tranquility results from being, not having—contented people are truly rich.
     I am El Shaddai, the Enough God—depend on My infinite resources.
     Learn to be satisfied in all situations by treasuring your relationship to Me.


Be capable in a grueling world—conquer negative despair by unflagging optimism.
     You’re weak, but I am strong—in relationship with Me, you can cope with life.
     The power of positive praying is the source of competence.
     Quiet confidence in Me is the key to strength and the secret of perseverance.


Be confident in an uncertain world—destroy negative anxiety with undying hope.
     Let Me have all your cares, then you can enjoy a carefree existence.
     In My strength, you are ready for anything the world throws at you.
     Trust Me, then you will receive blessings you never imagined possible.


Celebrate the Dynamic Mystery residing within your heart—live positively.

© By Pastor Johnny R. Almond                      Day 346, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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