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Monday, January 08 2024

   The Lord came and called as before, “Samuel!  Samuel!”
        Samuel replied, “Speak, your servant is listening.”

                       1 Samuel 3:10  NLT


     You have never heard Me speak audibly, but you have heard My gentle whispers echoing in your conscience, creation and Scripture.  Written and natural revelation prompt you to worship, praise and serve Me. 

     The universe sings My praises and displays My breathtaking craftsmanship. A language without syllables is written large across the skies, speeding across the intergalactic network at the speed of thought.  Sun, moon, and stars silently hint at My invariable faithfulness. 


     I open My heart to your heart. My Holy Spirit lives within you, so you are under My control. Life is best when I am in charge. My Spirit leads you and marks you Mine. I inspire your innermost being in the quest for truth. Redoubling your efforts does nothing to strengthen moral muscle. Do-it-yourself spells defeat—life on My terms spells victory. 

     I guide you by My Book from Heaven. Its track record of accurate prophetic fulfillment should encourage you to believe it. I am the Living God. I have spoken in the Scriptures. I mean every word I say. I will do everything I have promised. 


     My law is perfect, putting a spring in your step. My life map is accurate, making you wise. My commandments are right, bringing enjoyment to relationships. My instructions are billboard clear, keeping you traveling on the right highway. 

     I speak to you clearly through My Son. In Him, Love is plain as day.  Everything about Him exactly represents My nature. His powerful words hold everything in the universe together, including you. He is near to My heart—draw near to Him, and you will be too. 


     Stand in awe that I speak from My heavenly throne to your earthly situation. You cannot fathom the mysteries of how I communicate with your heart,      but you can understand Me. 

     Listen for your Master’s voice—love My life-changing lessons. 

     Listen for your Master’s voice—learn My eternal truth. 

     Listen for your Master’s voice—live My servant way.

     You have ears to hear. Are you listening? Can you hear Me now?

© By Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                 Gentle Whispers from Eternity                

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