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Monday, October 16 2023


                             You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.
                                                        This is the first and greatest commandment. 
A second is equally important: “Love your neighbor as yourself”
                                                                           Matthew 22:37-39 NLT

You need to get over and beyond yourself—

     self-love shrivels your soul and detracts from allegiance to your King.

Falling in love with yourself leads to a fall and a difficult recovery.

Falling in love with Me leads to fruitfulness and a delightful relationship.


If you doubt that I really love you, remember what I have done for you.

     God became a man; the Creator became your Savior;

     the King of kings became a slave; the Shepherd became a Lamb.

If you ponder My unfailing love, you will love Me with all you are.


Love the King of hearts with all the passion of your innermost being.

Avoid false gods of the heart—allow Me to completely captivate you.

I have made your heart My home—permit Me access to all the rooms.

Love the Lord of all with your entire personality and conscious life.

Make living for your King your number one goal and noblest purpose.

Take a heavenly perspective—do not obsess over transient matters.

Love the Master of wisdom with all your intelligence and thoughts.

You are not what you think you are; but what you think, you are.

Do not misuse your mind—do not dwell on thoughts that dishonor Me.

Love the Manager of the Universe with all your strength and energy.

Your body is a temple of My Holy Spirit—keep it clean and strong.

Love Me wholeheartedly—never get over your love for Me.

Love others like you do yourself—care about someone other than you. 

Start with your family—they are heaven’s gift to solve loneliness. 

Have a heart—neighborliness is nicer than narcissism.

I am love—I proved it by sending Jesus to the world to die for sinners.

Do you love Me? Prove it by giving Me your entire heart and soul.


© by Pastor Johnny R. Almond                

Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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