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Monday, August 07 2023

                     “That isn’t necessary—you feed them. Bring them here.”     

                                “It’s all right. I am here! Don’t be afraid.”         

                                     “All right, come,” Jesus said.                             

                                            Matthew 14:16, 18, 27, 29 NLT

My commanding word transforms the little in your hand into abundance. 

Your deepest wants are lavishly supplied by My miracle-working ability. 

Situations that are impossible for you are no problem for the Almighty.

I am the Mighty God—absolutely nothing is too hard for Me to handle.

Shamgar gave Me the ox goad in his hand, and he defeated Israel’s enemies. 

David gave Me the smooth stones in his hand, and he conquered Goliath.

Moses gave Me the staff in his hand, and he led My people out of bondage.

Paul gave Me the pen in his hand, and he wrote most of the New Testament. 

A boy gave Me five barley loaves and two fish, and his lunch fed thousands. 

Give Me your little talent—I will change it into a great blessing for many.

Give Me your one life—I will open heaven’s windows in limitless blessing. 

Give Me your needs—I will take such good care of you, there’ll be leftovers. 

At My word, take a seat at My table and satisfy your hungry heart.

My comforting word enables you to sail on troubled seas on an even keel. 

Realizing who I am, you can move beyond fear and find courage to live.

As a father coaches his child, I speak tender words to see you through. 

As a friend sticks by a friend, I walk alongside you and reinforce you.

In quiet solitude, I restore your equilibrium and strengthen you to carry on. 

No one understands you like I do—no one stands under you like I do.

I am the Prince of Peace calming you on earth’s chaotic roller coaster. 

I am the Wonderful Counselor guiding you through life’s perplexing maze. 

I am the Captain of your vessel reassuring you in the world’s scary storms.  

Whatever your days may demand of you, My grace will supply.

When the sea is high and your spirit is low, I keep you from going crazy.

At My word, quit wringing your hands and fold them in serene prayer.

My challenging word invites you to attempt the humanly impossible.

If you want to walk on water, you’ll have to climb out of the boat.

If you want to experience adventure, you’ll have to leave your comfort zone. 

If you want to think new thoughts, you’ll have to think outside worn boxes.

I am the Everlasting Father incredibly stabilizing you in changing situations.

You may wonder how long you can tread water, but I will keep you afloat.

You may feel you cannot go on, but My grace will help you persevere.

You may be unable to figure out how things work, but I will direct your steps.

You may be afraid of gusty winds and high waves, but I will give you courage.

You may feel you are walking alone, but I am on the water right beside you.

At My word, get out of the boat. 

© by Pastor Johnny R. Almond                            Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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