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Monday, July 31 2023

        The Perfect Gift

                     Thank God for his Son—

                a gift too wonderful for words!

                  2 Corinthians 9:15 NLT

Be grateful for My Precious Gift—your Cornerstone in a changing world.

     No human language can fully express gratitude for His loyal friendship.

     Sun, moon, and stars quietly reflect His Name’s majesty and glory.

     Jesus is your Faithful Redeemer—quiet your heart and enjoy His freedom.

     Silence is the humble soul’s reverence.

Be grateful for My profound grace—your cleansing in a corrupt world.

     Christ’s unmerited favor and mercy are gifts too wonderful for words.   

     Words may express affection, but actions tell the true story.

     You are saved by grace—prove your love by serving your Savior.

     Service is the holy soul’s response.

Be grateful for My personal gladness—your celebration in a sad world.

     My song is your unparalleled rapture—putting a spring in your step.

     I teach you hope’s eternity-melody—I teach you faith’s time-dance.

     No day is so hard, no night so long, you cannot find a reason to sing.

     Singing is the happy soul’s rejoicing.

Be grateful for My powerful goodnessyour Center of Gravity in a bad world.

     Traveling the high road is possible through strength Christ provides.    

     Friendship with the Sovereign is unrivaled relationship—true wealth.

     Satisfaction is the hungry soul’s resource.

Be grateful for My perfect guidance—your compass in a confusing world.

     I guide by tranquil streams now—and to life-giving springs forever.

     Trust the infallible directions of God’s Providential Spirit.

     Stillness is the homeward-bound soul’s restoration.

Be grateful for My promised glory—your confidence in a despairing world.

     Faith in the Bright Morning Star transforms you into an eternal optimist.

     Christ in you is glory previewed—peace in pandemonium.

     Serenity is the hopeful soul’s rest.


 © Pastor Johnny Almond                     Day 341, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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