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Monday, December 05 2022



                   You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus:

                        “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

                                                   Acts 20:35 NLT


Be grateful—thank your Father for My lavish provisions.

     Undeserved forgiveness, miraculous healing, infinite mercy,

          unconditional love, indefinable peace, unlimited grace,

          undying hope, invulnerable joy—all are gifts from My throne.

     I send My Spirit to comfort, inspire, and defend you in your journey.

     I sent My Son to show you how to live, and to die for your iniquities.

     I shower you with gifts to show how much I personally care for you.

     Loving Me is the heart of worship.

     Be blessed—share My joy.

Be gracious—focus on your life’s purpose.

     To believers, meaningful living is serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

     To disciples, rough roads paved with grace are avenues of service.

     To serious followers, concentration proves heartfelt consecration.

     I give much, so I require much—with privilege comes responsibility.

     Be resolved to continue in My steps even when life is difficult.

     Single-mindedness is imperative—dual allegiance is impossible.

     Honoring Me is the heart of service.

     Be a blessing—share Jesus.

Be generous—a friend who loves all people.

     I loved the world so much I gave My Best—now it is your turn.

     Live a life filled with love, and you will be like your Savior.

     Reflect My love in an unloving world of strangers to My grace.

     Be kind when others are unkind or sharply critical of you.

     Follow Jesus’ openhearted example even when it hurts to give.

     Stay close, and I promise I will make Myself very real to you.

     Following Me is the heart of discipleship.

     Be brave—share My journey.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                 Day 331, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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