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Monday, February 28 2022


Then Jesus was led out into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted there by the Devil. 
                                  MATTHEW 4:1 NLT

Satan’s favorite time to attack is immediately after high points.
     Jesus felt the Holy Spirit Dove resting on His shoulder.
     He heard his Father's voice expressing love and commendation—
          and then He was fiercely assaulted by the Devil.
     The evil one carefully decides times for his attacks—so be on guard!

The Holy Spirit may lead us into the wilderness of difficulty.
     Jesus was not tempted at the magnificent Temple or scenic Jordan,
          but when He was exhausted and hungry—thus susceptible.
     When we are under pressure, facing crucial decisions, or anxious—
          when we are hungry, aggravated, lonely, tired—HALT!

The tempter is a real being—not an imaginary concept.
     The Devil who tempted Adam and Eve in Eden also tempted Jesus.
     Satan is not merely a symbol of evil—Satan is prince of the dark side.
     More than an idea invented to explain conscience, he is the evil one.

Temptation itself is not sinful.
Jesus, Holy Son of God, was the prime target for the Devil’s temptations.
     The more we try to be holy, the more the unholy one will try to trip us up.
     We may feel dirty after hearing the evil suggestions of the world’s god,
          but if we do not give in, we have not sinned against God.

The Spirit Sword can help us achieve victory over temptation.
     When Jesus was tempted to get quick gratification of physical urges,
          He quoted Scripture reminding us people need more than bread.
     When Jesus was tempted to show off and impress others,
          He quoted verses cautioning people not to try to force God's hand.
     When Jesus was tempted to strike a bargain with hell to get the world,
          He quoted Scripture's command requiring exclusive, wholehearted worship.   

The King of heaven won His battles with the tempter from hell.
     If we rely on His grace, and skillfully brandish His Word—we too can win!


                                                            (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                            Day 306,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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