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Monday, January 31 2022


Rejoice greatly, O people of Zion!  Shout in triumph, people of Jerusalem! Look, your king is coming to you. 
He is righteous and victorious, yet he is humble, riding on a donkey--even on a donkey’s colt.


Humility will surprise the proud.
     The Messiah’s triumphant entry surprised spectators lining the parade route.
     They dreamed of a conquering-hero lion, not a Humble-Servant Lamb.
     Heaven’s front-row seats are not reserved for earth’s big shots.

Life will surprise the materialistic.
Atheists expect a finale, not an encore—death will not have the last word.
     Faith and hope will be vindicated in the saints’ resurrection dance.
     Epicureans will be dazed by an afterlife they never dreamed of.

Ecstasy will surprise the doubtful.
The despondent will be delighted when they see the dawn—
          triumph over despair will dumbfound ones who had given up on joy.

Calamity will surprise the cynical.
Christ’s return will shock those who never thought it would happen.
     Skeptics will be jolted into reality by an unanticipated Wrathful Judge.

Heaven will surprise the incredulous.
The death of death, the burial of heartache, the destruction of pain—
          these miracles will be more than unbelievers ever thought possible.

Judgment will surprise the rebellious.
Doomsday will be a shock with no remedy—panic will be pointless.
     Apostates expect a lamb, not a Lion—revelation will be an eye-opener!

Victory will surprise the pessimistic.
The Servant King rode a donkey into old Jerusalem to die—
          the King of kings will ride a white charger into new Jerusalem to rule.
     His war to end all wars will astonish those who had given up on peace.
     Whatever happens on earth, never give up hope—your King is coming.
     Begin the celebration today—and heaven will not be a surprise party!                                          


                                                     (c) Johnny R. Almond 
                     Pastor, Hull's Memorial Baptist Church
                     Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 


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