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Monday, August 23 2021


Look! Your oarsmen are rowing your ship of state into a hurricane! Your mighty vessel flounders in the heavy eastern gale. You are shipwrecked in the heart of the sea! 

Babylon became great—but boasted of its greatness, and perished.
Greece grew strong—but trusted its strength, and disappeared.
Rome conquered the world—but worshiped itself, and toppled.
Tyre thought it had it made—international trade made it rich—
     then arrogance swelled their head and shriveled their heart.
Their ship of state was a magnificent vessel—the envy of the world.
     But that ship of state wrecked on the rocks of self-reliance.
Any nation that acknowledges My lordship will be blessed—
     any nation that refuses to bow the knee will be cursed.

Your own nation may be known as a superpower,
     but all the nations are a drop in the bucket compared to My power.
Your country may have a reputation for technological sophistication,
     but all nations are less than nothing to Me—froth on the sea of life.

An autopsy of a failed nation always reveals the growth of pride.
Hubris in the heart of a nation is a wrecking ball that will destroy it.
Strutting on the stage of history is a sure way to trip and fall.
Carrying on business without God results in moral bankruptcy.

It all begins with you.
     Do not imagine you can do wrong without weakening your country.
     Do not downgrade the positive effect you can have by a noble example.
     Do not think you have no influence over your nation—you certainly do!
     If you obey My commands, you will set the pace for your family.
     If your home reflects My love, you will encourage your neighborhood.
     If your community honors My law, they will model fairness for your city.
     If your city respects My ways, they will inspire your state.
     If your state aims for justice, your nation will grow in righteousness.
     If your nation is righteous, your world will take notice of a better way.
     It all begins with you.


                                                   (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                        Day 285,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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