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Tuesday, February 02 2021

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

Stifle unfair judgment—or you could become an inveterate cynic.
     Unfair curses are boomerangs with incredible accuracy.

Accept My discipline—or you could reap a sad harvest of iniquity.
     You may not enjoy My correction, but it is the highway to holiness.

Use language carefully—or you could be ripped apart by word abuse.
     A habit of severe criticism cuts to the quick and comes back to haunt.

Refrain from proud self-evaluation—or you could implode your ego.
     Concern yourself with saving faith, not saving face.

Combat laziness—or you could excuse yourself right out of a job.
     Sleep your life away, and you might be asking for a handout.

Avoid pornography—or your thought patterns will be polluted.
     Do not revert to impure fantasies, or sexual sin may spoil love.

Stay out of others’ arguments—or get bit by a quarrelsome attack dog.
     Do not try to slay all dragons—stand by, and they will slay each other.

Do not be a jokester—or you could develop a reputation as a moron.
     Kidding around with truth is as dangerous as an insane sniper.

Keep your mouth shut—or you could be known as a verbal arsonist.
     Chewing on dainty gossip morsels can give your soul indigestion.

Make love your controlling principle—or deep-felt hate will ruin you.
     Pretending to be kind will not cover up malice for long.

Abstain from setting traps for others—or you will get snared yourself.
     Judging others sets you up for an onslaught of judgment.

You hold the Key to freedom in your heart—His name is Jesus.

(c) Johnny R. Almond 
Pastor, Hull's Memorial Baptist Church 
    Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity    

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