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Monday, December 23 2019

Give honor to the LORD for the glory of his name.
Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.


     Be awed in My Presence. Keep in mind that except for grace, you would be helpless. Realize I am the Source of your poise and peace. Completely rely on Me. Reverence Me as your Master.

     Let me remind you that you are subordinate to the King of kings! Permit Me to formally educate you in life’s highest lesson; learn it well—there is a God and you are not Him! Take a low position before Me. Give Me the glory and the honor I alone deserve. Tremble before Me. Come down where you ought to be. Worship Me humbly.

     Be active in My power. Let My Spirit kindle your adoration. Yield to My influence, so you will be fired up with sparkling enthusiasm.

     I am Sovereign of the universe—obey Me in every dimension of your life. Worship Me with all your heart.

     Advance in My purity. I alone am perfect; however I want you to grow in My likeness. My plan is for everyday saints—24/7—until eternity. Dress your Sunday best Monday through Saturday also! Honor Me in all your thoughts, words, and deeds.

     Make living for Jesus Christ your life’s noblest purpose—realize dying to selfishness for Christ’s sake is the bridge to significance. Seek My inspiration to motivate you to be faithful. Search for My power to help you behave your beliefs and practice what you preach. Do more than meditate—get on with your assigned mission. My Son went around doing good—do not be content with merely going around, a big wheel going in circles.

     I have outfitted you with spiritual armor for the purpose of fighting! A full suit of armor is awkward equipment for an easy chair. Do not spend all your time getting ready to live—take time to really live! After all is said and done, there is more said than done—do not let this be true of you.

     Advance in the splendor of radical holiness. Reverse evil—live! I made you pure in heart—you must make yourself pure in conduct.

     Make worship your lifestyle—not just on Sundays, but all the time; not just at church, but everywhere; not just in a pew, but on the road.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond,  Day 203 Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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