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Wednesday, May 29 2019

You are Yahweh, Most High over all the earth, far transcending all gods.

Psalm 97:9 TNJB

I am Most High over earth—exalt Me above false gods of the heart.

Idols are low-life—I am the Infinite High God.

Idols are deaf—I pay attention to every prayerful word.

Idols are heartless and insensitive—I care deeply about you.

Idols are blind—I am aware of every agony, attitude, and action.

Take the high road of eminent domain, not the low road of idolatry.

Surrender to My Transcendent Highness!


I am Most High over everything—understand that idolatry is insanity.

Decisions built on atheism construct a dead-end road.

Take the high road of enthusiastic devotion, not the low road of irreverence.

Submit in thoughtful homage!

I am Most High over ethics—live as a child of the Light.

Avoid shadows—do not scurry like a cockroach in dark corners.

Stay close to My heart and make Me the Tour Guide on your journey,

     then you will not be down-in-the-mouth for fear of being found out.

Take the high road of excellent determination, not the low road of iniquity.

Struggle on in My transforming holiness!

I am Most High over eternity—feel for people who are joyless.

Let your heart go out to those who do not worship Me—

     people who will one day sadly experience My wrath firsthand.

The other side of mercy’s coin has a cutting edge—there is hell to pay!

Take the high road of expectant deliverance, not the low road of incredulity.

See the terrifying hereafter!

I am Most High over ecstasy—honor My reign as King of the cosmos.

I am Lord of the universe—so all will ultimately be right with the world.

With very little to celebrate in your unbalanced world,

     here is a great reason to rejoice—I am redeeming you from sin.

Someday it will become crystal clear that I am absolutely right—

     and that I am earth’s Rightful Ruler.

Take the high road of exultant delight, not the low road of indifference.

Sing in triumphant happiness!

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond, Day 230 Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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