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Monday, May 13 2019

You know these things—now do them! That is the path of blessing.
John 13:17 NLT

Reverence My path of authority—know and understand that I am Lord.

     My Father gave Me dominion over everything—I am Sovereign over all.

          I Am Who I Am—I Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been.

          I am Alpha and Omega, God’s Holy Alphabet—First Light, Last Word.

          To receive My blessing of peace, surrender to My absolute control.

     I came down from heaven to save the world—I am the Son of God.      

          I have always loved you and I always will—there is no greater comfort. 

          I am the Way to Truth of Life—the key to reality, wisdom, and eternity.

          To receive My blessing of optimism, believe I am who I say I am. 

Walk My path of action—practice daily the way of Life I teach you.

     I condescended to become a human being—and to live as a servant.

          Earthlings are intent on upward mobility—I model downward mobility. 

          The way up is down—Servant Path winds through neighborhood pain. 

          I went around doing good, so be careful that you do not just go around.

          Christianity is made for the road, not just for the church building.

          To receive My blessing of friendship, obey Me unquestioningly.

     I change you from inside out into My holy image—sanctifying your life

          Focus more on holiness than hygiene; value character above reputation.   

          Let Me wash your hands—let everything you do in your body honor Me.

          Let Me wash your head—let all you think with your mind please Me.

          Let Me wash your feet—let everywhere you go bless your soul.

          Stay on the path of everlasting life—avoid self-destructive detours.

          I give you a clear conscience, a joyful melody, and a buoyant step. 

          To receive My blessing of purity, plead for mercy and count on My love. 

Follow My path of affection—demonstrate to the world that I am Love. 

     By example I have shown you to be sympathetic

          The law to love equally is old—the order to love sacrificially is new.

          Loving neighbors is Old Testament—loving saints is New Testament. 

          Cry tears with the brokenhearted—let your heart care like I do.

          I proved My love on Skull Hill; now prove yours wherever you live.       

          To receive My blessing of fulfillment, learn to really care for others.

     Love people in My church—give the world a sign you are My disciple. 

          Don’t say you love the invisible God, if you don’t love visible humans. 

          The mark of genuine discipleship is love for those who walk in My steps.  

          To receive My blessing of purpose, help those walking the way with you. 

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond;  Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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