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Monday, July 16 2018

O our God, won’t you stop them?
We are powerless against this mighty army that is about to attack us.
We do not know what to do, but we are looking to you for help.

Feel under siege by formidable powers of the shadowy world? Sense that the dark prince and his demons are ganging up on you, hoping to see you fall morally so they can revel in your pain? Is hell’s battle formation leading you to conclude you are in a losing situation?

Do not give up! You are weak, it is true; but you are strong when reinforced by My might. When you are powerless, pray desperately for My help—I will rescue you from Satan’s traps.I direct intergalactic traffic patterns—I can make sense of your life. I hold the earth up with invisible hands—I can hold you together when everything nailed down is coming loose.

At a loss, look for My guidance. Pay attention to signals from heaven—listen for My voice and watch for hints in changing circumstances.
Impossible situations are no problem for My infinite strength. Even in your fiercest battles with evil, My blessing ensures victory. When this reality sinks in and you rely on this truth, you will experience marvelous results.

Realizing it is My battle, not yours, you are unusually brave. Knowing I fight for you, you do not have to lift a finger in self-defense. Fear gives way to optimism. Discouragement vanishes in light of trust. Quicksand panic is replaced by solid-rock faith. Captivated by Christ, you march in the King’s victory parade.

I am for you, so you are no coward—you are a valiant warrior. The cross becomes a plus sign, canceling negativism. You are able to face any challenge with the Captain of heaven’s mighty hosts on your side.

Worry diminishes as you worship. Panic dissolves in praise. The valley becomes place of blessing. Sighing gives way to singing. Mourning is transformed into music. Peaceful inner-stances transcend chaotic circumstances.

You learn heaven’s recipe for a worry-free life—pray about everything, tell Me what you need, thank Me for all I do on your behalf, and then you can relax.

Do not know what to do? Turn your eyes toward the Eternal One. With heaven’s help, you will do more than just survive—you will win!


(c) Pastor Johnny Almond 

Day 173, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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