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Monday, March 19 2018

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and prayed,
“Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my family,
that you have brought me this far?”
1 Chronicles 17:16 NLT


Who are you that I, the King of the universe, would notice you? What would motivate the Sovereign of sovereigns to care for your needs and transport you over emotionally rough terrain?


I am totally, eternally, irrevocably responsible for everything. That being true, when do you think I have time to notice your concerns? I direct intergalactic traffic patterns so constellations will not collide in space—why should I be bothered with managing the circumstances of your life? I am Sovereign over eternity—when do I have time to orchestrate time? I effortlessly whispered stars into existence—what are mortals that I should pay you any mind? Why should I care when you are hurting?


Out of the goodness of My heart I extend unmerited favor to you. Your self-identity is intimately tied to My infinite goodness and incontestable greatness; it also is closely connected to My perfect government of the nations and of your personal life.


Supportive love from your family has brought joy to your life. This great blessing is linked to My gift of relationships. Out of the goodness of My heart I solve your problem of loneliness by placing you in a loving family. I am the Giver of life and breath and the Satisfier of the deepest needs of your soul.


Your successful life is not all your doing. I am behind the scenes directing the drama, engineering events to care for you and your family. You could never have made it to this point without Me. True success is due to My grace. Whatever you are now is all because I have poured out My kindness and special favor on you day after day.


My mercy has forgiven and cleansed you, helping you continue. My music has encouraged and cheered you, inspiring you to celebrate. My might has picked you up and carried you, enabling you to carry on. You have come this far by faith. You can step into the future confident I will constantly remain gracious toward you. You can face challenges that come your way in the strength I give you. I hold you in the palm of My omnipotent hand—relax.


Unfailing love cares for you. Infinite mercy protects you from evil. Unchanging faithfulness dawns on your life with every new day.


Check your progress to see how far you have come—then give Me the credit!

© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity



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