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Monday, January 08 2018

Searching for God


He took the cloak that had fallen from him and struck the water with it.

“Where now is the Lord, the God of Elijah?” he asked.

When he struck the water, it divided to the right and the left, and he crossed over.

2 Kings 2:14 NIV


I am the God of HistoryLord of past, present, and future. Do you wonder where I am now? Do you feel I am long-ago-and-far-away dramatic headlines on old pages of yesterday’s news? Do you think of Me as merely an obsolete used to be, or the awesome I Am?


I am discoverable in your present situation. I have not changed from what I was to Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel, John the Baptist, and Paul the apostle. I still challenge you to move in faith, revere My holy law, bravely confront evil, listen for whispers from heaven, surrender to My purpose, pray relentlessly, pave the way for Christ’s entry into human hearts, envision My Kingdom, and preach My Word from the pulpit of your personality.


I am the One Who Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been—Lord of Love. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. I have not changed—have you? Take the cloak of history and strike the “uncrossable” river flowing before you, and you can go across to My magnificent future.


I am the God of Help—Lord of your strength. The fire of My power is still available to earnest seekers. Miracles are not just a thing of the past, never-to-be-repeated events of ages gone forever. If you cry out to Me with all your heart, you can expect supernatural assistance in your impossible situations. If you pray humbly and sincerely, I will listen and march to your rescue.


You are unable to resist temptation or serve Me on your own. In fact, without Me you can accomplish absolutely nothing. The wisest course of action is to stay near My throne—pleading for power to say no to sin and say yes to Me. Child of weakness, watch and pray—make Me your Center of Gravity and find in Me the strength you need to carry out My assignments and be ready for anything tomorrow brings.


I am the God of Holiness—Lord of transformed hearts. People wonder where the God of Elijah is; I wonder where the Elijahs of God are—unreservedly surrendered to Me, enthusiastically serving Me, boldly challenging others to radical decisions, wearing a prophet’s mantle, preaching a message that softens hearts and enriches relationships.

I promise you will find Me when you really mean business. Put your heart into the ultimate search—searching for God.

 © 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity



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