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Monday, August 21 2017

Jonathan made David reaffirm his vow of friendship again, for Jonathan loved David as much as he loved himself.

1 Samuel 20:17 NLT

I am the Heart of real friendship. Those who love Me love others who love Me—Jesus’ sheep flock together. People who call Me friend become the best of friends with others sharing the same passion. When two people pledge faithfulness in My Name, they enter into a covenant honoring their Greatest Friend. Entrusting each other into My hands forever, they are two bodies with one soul.

I am the Bond of authentic friendship. Not just for a while, but forever, I reinforce the friendships of people depending on Me. My faithful love encourages trusting hearts in relationship with fellow believers.

I am the Hope of genuine friendship. Though friends may be separated a while, enduring pain of loneliness, their hearts are still joined by love, and their friendship endures because of heaven’s gift of optimism. Celebrate true friendships I give you. Cultivate new friendships with those who reverence Me. Do not let selfishness take over. Be sure you do not become so self-absorbed you do not have time to listen, to help, to share with people in need. Do not get so wrapped up in yourself that you do not want to get involved with fellow human beings in their pain.

I am your Loyal Friend—be loyal to friends I give you. Unless your actions are motivated by love, they are worthless. Eloquent, angelic speech is gibberish if not spoken from the heart. If you could demystify the future and explain the workings of the universe, your lectures would be total nonsense without the heartbeat of love. If you grudgingly closed out your bank account to feed the poor, it would be wasted benevolence.

Real friendship is kind to everyone, realizing everyone you meet is engaged in a tough fight. Authentic friendship endures, never loses faith in Me or My friends, and always hopes for a better day for loved ones.

For heaven’s sake, be friendly toward your spouse and children—love them sacrificially, like Christ loves you. Maintain close friendship with the members of My family—going out of your way to help them.

Live a life of giving, not just getting—walking in the footsteps of the Friend of sinners. Like Him, be a real friend—all heart!

Pastor Johnny R. Almond

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