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Monday, November 14 2016

God over All

The LORD your God is the supreme God of the heavens above and the earth below.

God is God of all. He is the Transcendent God of the highest heavens, incalculably and unimaginably distant from the planet you call home. He is also the Immanent, down-to-Earth God, intimately closer to us than our hands and feet and breath. He is the God of the abstract and of the concrete. Wisdom rethinks the philosophical and accomplishes the practical.

God is God in all. He is God of eternity and the hereafter. He is also God of time and the here and now. Faith counts on the glorious hereafter He plans for you—and pauses to ponder what we are here after.

God is God through all. He is God of our ecstatic highs and of our agonizing lows. He is God of our mountaintop celebrations and our valley heartbreaks. Hope clings to God as we ride life’s roller coaster taking us through our days toward our destiny.

God is God after all. He is God of heavenly worship above and of earthly worry and weariness below. Humility reverences God as the Absolute Sovereign of the universe.

God is God to all. He is God of his holy angels and of our human associates. He directs cherubim and seraphim; He brings the right people into our lives to help and encourage us. Obedience responds in service in angelic fashion, faithfully and kindly ministering to people of faith.

God is God above all. He is God of incomprehensible mystery and of infinite meaning. We are not totally, irrevocably responsible for everything—that is God’s job. Uncommon sense resigns as general manager of the universe.

God is God for all. He is God of orbiting planets and of ordinary people. He directs traffic patterns of constellations and holds together trusting human hearts. Kindness relates to people in their divinely designed orbits.

God is God over all. He is God of intergalactic stars and of imperfect saints. Love permits the One who breathed galaxies into existence to reign over all the kingdoms of our life. Believing God is in charge, saints struggle on.

Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church - Friends on a Journey of Faith

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity—book available on Amazon

Devotional based on day 110 of Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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