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Monday, January 18 2016

“Take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one.” (Numbers 1:2 NIV)

Before making a move, it is wise to inventory our resources—taking stock of contacts, health, possessions, time, and goals. A census makes sense. 

The number of people around us is vitally important. Community counts. It would not be good for us to be alone, so God gives us a complementary companion and places us in a loving family. We limp along independently; we do well interdependently.

We have no idea of the total number of the blood-washed international multitude. God’s “two or three” are a minority in this anti-God world; but his universal church has an incalculable membership.

None of us is a Christian alone—believing friends encourage us to persevere in the journey of faith. Relating to them, we are blessed—communing around Christ’s table, comparing notes, flocking together, warning each other to resist sin, inspiring one another to look forward to heaven’s golden future.

Our Heavenly Father names stars and counts them to make sure none are out of orbit. He also shepherds saints. Jesus has millions of sheep, yet he knows everything about each one. He x-rays our heart—resting, rising, racing. He understands our anxieties and dreams. He is aware of our geographical and spiritual coordinates, struggles, and wordless prayers.

God is counting on us—so we can move out to battle the dark side, confident of conquest (Psalm 27; Isaiah 9:6, 7).

We can count on other believers—so we can move through life as citizens of heaven, confident of community (Psalm 100; Isaiah 65:17-19).

We can count on God—so we can move ahead in faith, confident he will calm us in chaos (Psalm 46; Isaiah 26:3).


Johnny R. Almond

Interim Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church; Fredericksburg, Virginia


This devotion based on Day 76 of Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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