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Monday, November 26 2018

All who separated themselves from foreign neighbors to keep The Revelation of God together with their wives, sons, daughters –
everyone old enough to understand – joined their noble kinsmen in a binding oath to follow The Revelation of God,
to carry out the commandments of GOD our Master, all his standards.


I am the Most High and Holy God—the noblest decision you can arrive at is to make a conscious effort to follow My law.

Whatever else you may choose pales into insignificance when compared to the decision of a lifetime—to really get serious with the One who created you.

Quit playing games at the foot of the cross. Genuinely consecrate yourself to Me.

I am the God of your life—the noblest deed you can perform is to respond in faithfulness to My commands.

Whatever else you do in life is minor in light of the major activity of wholehearted obedience to My Revelation. Nothing on your “to-do” list is as crucial as the most important business in the world—My will. Everything else is a trivial pursuit.

Go beyond pondering a life of all-out obedience to My Word. Set out on the uncommon quest for purity—resolutely practice holiness. I have placed My hand on your shoulder and spoken to your heart. I want you to be transformed from the inside out by My Holy Spirit—to reflect My image, not to copy ungodly society.

The oath of obedience is the only way to defeat apathy and sin. Focusing on following My law is the only path to Life. Staying in line with My commands is the only formula for celebrating a clear perception of Me.

Do not just publicize that you love Me—prove it by your actions.

Finally, firmly, forever decide to follow Me—do not drop out when you find the race is longer than you expected. Even if you must run on alone, keep carrying your cross until you see Me at the finish line.

I am Lord of your mind, King of your heart, Captain of your will, and Sovereign of your future. You have played church long enough.

From this day forward take Me seriously—then I will take you seriously.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Day 184, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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