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Monday, May 13 2024



               To this were you called—it is inseparable from your vocation.

                    Christ suffered for you, leaving you His personal example,

                             so that you should follow on in His footsteps.

                                  1 Peter 2:21   THE AMPLIFIED BIBLE

In a chaotic world, cultivate a calm mind.

     Even in life’s storms, you can truly relax when you rest in Me.

     Step off your hectivity treadmill—be still and sense My Holy Presence.   

     Crave spiritual nourishment in a confused world.

     Keep faith in Me—wait in My shadow.

In a crazy world, develop a committed soul.

     You are a child of the Light—do not run with cockroaches in dark alleys.

     Make Me your purpose—serve Me enthusiastically and seek My smile.

     Conduct yourself carefully in a careless world.

     Focus on My will—work in My service.

In a crying world, maintain a cheerful attitude.

     Even at midnight, sing hymns—others are listening, so sing well.

     Celebrate the joy of humility, not just the happiness of happenings.

     Stay near the Cornerstone in a conceited world.

     Make Me your Festival—worship in My song.

In a complacent world, have a caring heart.

     It is a cold, cruel world—love like your heart-warming God.

     I am your Mission in the mayhem—work for your Divine Supervisor.

     Get in a word for Christ in a counterfeit world.

     Reach out with feeling—witness in My Spirit.

In a commonplace world, live a Christlike life.

     Even when splinters from the cross hurt you, do not quit the noble quest.

     The Via Dolorosa was not easy—Christian living is no cake walk.

     Make a conscious effort in a carnal world.

     Follow Me—walk in My steps.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

                                  Day 357, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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